Case 3

This case presents a different task. Instead of analyzing multiple firms, you must pick one firm of your choice (it must be publicly traded) and suggest another company that your chosen firm should acquire or merge with. Below are the rules and guidelines.

  1. The firm that you pick cannot be an airline, a pharmaceutical company, or a retailer.
  2. The acquisition target must also be publicly traded.
  3. The acquisition target may be from anywhere in the world (any country).

Instead of proposing a new acquisition, you may analyze a very recent acquisition that has happened in the past few months. Do not pick an acquisition that happened more than six months ago.

You must present a detailed analysis of this acquisition. Please answer all of the following questions (be sure to mark each part clearly):

Uber Buys Postmates for $2.65 Billion

3. Does the target possess any technologies that the acquiring firm needs? Which ones? Why does the acquiring firm need those technologies? Can it acquire those technologies separately from the whole target (e.g. via buying the patents)? Can your focal firm license those technologies instead? What is the projected impact of those alternative modes of action? Does the acquisition still make sense after this analysis?


4. Does the acquisition reduce competition? Does the target have access to any key markets, distribution channels, suppliers, or government officials? If so, what are they and why are they important for the acquirer?

                      Peter, please use any reference you need but please make it APA. If you need to please use graphs.

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