You will explore two specific career paths and engage in a detailed investigation of each. One of them should be the career you plan on pursuing, assuming that you specified one in part one. The second should be a psychology-related career, perhaps your ‘plan B’ career but also possibly just another career that you find interesting. Research the careers using information from reputable online databases such as Focus 2, O*Net, and BLS. You will be given guidance on how to access these three and can supplement them with other databases, but you must cite at least two databases in your discussion of each career.

For each of the two careers you will be expected to interview one or more people who either currently work in the area, have done so at some point, or are in a graduate program focused on that career path. (Note: your interviews need to include people who are not UNG employees and/or family members, so if you have just one interview for a specific career, it cannot be a UNG staff member). A few interview quotes are OK, but they shouldn’t dominate the paper – you should be summarizing what your interviewees said, not submitting a transcript of it.  

You will need to compare the two careers and identify key differences and similarities between them and assess your personal fit for each of the two careers. Lastly, compare the findings from different databases to one another and (most importantly) compare the database info to the interviews in terms of informational quality.  Apply your scientific and information literacy skills in breaking down the strengths and weakness of your information sources. Relevant discussion points include sample size, recency of information, objectivity, content validity, reliability, etc.

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