In this assignment, you will analyze the knowledge you have gained of the “schools of thought” (theories, viewpoints, approaches, concepts) from courses you have taken for the Organizational Leadership degree.

Here are some of the theories/concepts you may have encountered in your area of concentration or in Organizational Leadership core courses.

Management & Leadership: managerial process, empirical, human behaviors (Maslow’s hierarchy and McGregor’s X & Y theories), social school, quantitative, systems, contingency, trait, power & influence (charismatic and transactional)
Public Administration: managerial, political, legal
Healthcare: ethics, economics, processes, people
Law Enforcement: enforcement & control, positivism (sociological), bio-social, rational choice
Themes from these “schools of thought” may be

Your paper will consist of two parts. Focus on the why (concepts, theories, schools of thought) behind the how (mechanics of a course).

Part A
Discuss your understanding of the various approaches (or schools of thought) found in courses you have taken toward your degree.

Select three or more 3000-4000 level courses from the ORGL degree. Use courses in your concentration or ORGL degree common core. Exclude ORGL seminars and this Capstone (ORGL 3000, 3050, 4000, and 4690) for this paper.
Identify then compare/contrast “schools of thought” found in the courses. Are there common themes? Consult texts, syllabi or your work from courses.
Part B
Relate your learning to your personal development in analyzing and solving problems. Show how these “schools of thought” and courses have contributed to your ability to analyze issues and construct solutions to problems. Provide examples.

For guidance, refer to these excerpts from papers of former students. You may use similar approaches or go in a different direction.

Assignment Expectations

Your paper should have the following sections:

Title page
Narrative (3-5 pages)
Reference page
Formatting should include: 1″ margins, double-spaced, 11-12 point font

Citation Expectations

Cite the reflective learning theory used (see sample citations on the page Writing Skills and Citations)
Use in-text citations for quotes or material not your own
Use your choice of citation style consistently
URLs alone are not acceptable
Once your paper is complete, save it and upload your document to this assignment. Please write professionally (formal tone, spell check, good grammar, etc.)

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