Start with abstract then introduction.

Prepare business plan and compare between 2 economies to sell a new solar powered mobile phone.

Tony Tech has completed his PhD in engineering. He has created a new solar powered mobile phone. This phone can be used in parts of the world where there is no continuous supply of electricity. He thinks his new idea is a disruptive idea but is not sure what is meant by a disruptive innovation. Tony has a patent on his innovation.

Tony is not familiar with the real world of business, but he wants to make as much money as possible from his new idea. The problem is that he does not possess hard assets. Moreover, he does not have money to develop and commercialize the new product. Tony wants to establish a small enterprise in one (and only one) of the following economies: U.A.E. or Australia. Once the successful innovation originates enough sales, he expects to sell the small enterprise to a company embracing disruptive ideas. He has chosen U.A.E. because a friend told him that venture capital abounds in the U.A.E. and the government promotes innovation.

You have to prepare a Business Report focusing only on six (6) indicators for each of the two economies and taking into account the relative importance of each item as indicated in Table 1.

Table 1
Items to be taken into account and relative weights
Indicators in order of importance
Relative Weights (ai)
1. Intellectual property right protection 30% (a1)
2. Financing SMEs 25% (a2)
3. Number of days to start a business 25% (a3)
4. Venture capital availability 10% (a4)
5. Companies embracing disruptive ideas 5% (a5)
6. Soundness of banks 5% (a6)
Furthermore, you have to address the following tasks.

Task 1
What is a disruptive innovation? Explain to Tony whether his innovation is disruptive.

Task 2
Explain to Tony that there is an innovation life cycle displaying several phases.

Task 3
What is his current position on the innovation life cycle? If the above mentioned expectations turn out to be true, in what phase of the innovation life cycle will he be selling the small company?

Task 4
Would banks be willing to lend money to Tony? Why or why not.

Task 5
Discuss the U.A.E. innovation strategy with particular reference to the sectors supported and the facilities provided.

Task 6
Create an index of performance encompassing the numerical value of the six (6) indicators and relative weights for each country (shown in Table 1) and compute the numerical value of the index of performance for each country.
Use the information provided by “The Global Competitiveness Report 2018,” Klaus
Schwab (ed.), World Economic Forum. Geneva, Switzerland.
Task 7
Fill in the blanks of Table 2 and answer the question: Which country would you recommend and why?
Calculate weights for both using the table 1 provided and Use the information provided by “The Global Competitiveness Report 2018,” Klaus
Schwab (ed.), World Economic Forum. Geneva, Switzerland.

Answer 6 tasks with reasoning behind it and cite sources and specify each task before each part.

End with conclusion and appendix and resources

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