BUSI 601 – Accounting for Decision Making

  1. Utilize the process that an organization goes through in choosing its competitive strategy, including the identification and measurement of critical success factors in evaluating an existing organization. 
  2. Analyze the relationship between basic cost concepts and the use of information in the four business functions.
  3. Apply various cost constructs to strategic management using knowledge of the planning and decision making function.
  4. Summarize knowledge of the operational control and management control functions by applying various cost constructs to strategic management.
  5. Integrate biblical principles into decision making related to cost management. 

Global Economic Environment – BUSI 620

  1. Understand the nature and scope of managerial economics in a global economy.
  2. Analyze, estimate, and forecast demand for products
  3. Comprehend the relationship between production and cost
  4. Apply different pricing practices in various market structures
  5. Perform risk analysis and make long-term investment decisions for a company.

BUSI 642 – Contemporary Issues in Human Resources Management

  1. Identify the present and emerging strategic human resource challenges and the aspects of the legal environment including diversity, recruitment, and selection.
  2. Describe employee separations, downsizing, outplacement, and performance management through recognizing employee rights and the importance of managing discipline and organized labor.
  3. Evaluate best practices for training, developing, and evaluating employees.
  4. Evaluate the design and administration of benefits and the development of employee relations.
  5. Appraise the elements and implications of workplace safety and health and the challenges facing international human resource management (HRM)
  6. Integrate biblical principles within the field of human resource management.

BUSI 650 – Operations Management

  1. Differentiate the relationships between operations management, strategy, and systems of transformation in process planning and design.
  2. Discuss the controlling process and Six Sigma concepts.
  3. Evaluate lean management and project management.
  4. Critique successful supply chain management practices.
  5. Compare and contrast capacity and location planning, scheduling management, and inventory management.
  6. Integrate a biblical worldview within the context of operations management.

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