1. The opportunity

1.1 The opportunity

1.1.1. Market research

1.1.2. The gap

1.2. Industry analysis

1.2.1. Current competitive situation + PEST

1.2.2. Projected strategic moves by current players

1.2.3. Changes brought to the competitiveness of the industry by the new project/venture

1.3. Innovations brought to the industry by the new project/venture

1.3.1. Intellectual property/patents

1.4 Strategy

1.4.1 Sources of differentiation and competitive advantage

1.5 Ethics and sustainability

2. The company and team (only for a new venture business plan)

2.1 Legal structure

2.2 Ownership

2.3 The advisory board

2.4 The management team

2.4.1 Expected contributions by each member

2.4.2 Expected salary

3. Marketing (not all points may be applicable to all projects)

3.1 Marketing Strategy

3.2 Marketing Tools

3.3 Identification of customers

3.4 Number of potential customers and potential sales revenues

3.5 Requirements of various customer segments

3.5.1 Importance of purchase convenience, rapid delivery, product customization, etc for

these segments

3.5.2 Ways to effectively access each segment, distributors, a captive sales force, ecommerce, etc

3.6 Appropriate sales and promotion approaches

3.7 Analysis of how purchase decisions are made, and how/if this behaviour can be changed

3.8 Customer price sensitivity

3.9 Cost of acquiring and retaining customers

3.10 Strengths and weaknesses of competitors and ways that competitors are likely to react when

the company enters the market

4 Operating and Financial plans

4.1. Conversion of inputs into outputs that customer value

4.1,1 Supplier relationships

4.1.2 Inventory required

4.1.3. Manufacturing/service provision

4.1.4 In-house/outsourced operations

4.2 Financial plan

4.2.1 Cost calculations

4.2.2 Projected Break Even Point

4.2.3 Projected Cash flows

4.2.4 Analysis of risk, present value, IRR, etc.

4.2.5 Analysis of possible scenarios and probability of occurrence

4.3. Contingency plans (linked to scenarios in 6.2.5)

4.3.1. Triggers/thresholds to change courses

5 Conclusions

5.1 Main conclusions from the project

5.2 Limitations and future directions

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