A business case analysis takes a high level view of a given situation, makes recommendation(s) for that situation, and presents a variety of feasible data-driven arguments to support that course of action. Additionally, because no pitch ever receives 100% approval, alternative recommendations must also be considered.

For this assignment, you will make feasible recommendations and provide some reasonable alternatives to those recommendations from your assigned perspective, using the data from your ROI. This outline of a business case has been provided for you to use as a guide; however, you should use your own professional creativity to develop a document that effectively communicates your recommendation(s) in a way that is uniquely yours.

Problem Statement

Clearly define the problem, need, or opportunity of the case study.

Mission Statement

Just as an architect has a mental picture of the building to be created long before the drawing begins, you must have a vision of how your project will impact the future. This vision of the future can be described by answering the question, “How will things be different here when this problem is solved?”


Once you’ve described your vision of the future, you must define the project objectives that will help you realize that future. You need to express your project goals in specific terms that people will understand. Using the results of your detailed analysis, identify the key aims of your proposed project. State your goals briefly and in plain language, and then elaborate as needed to fully explain them.


The next step is to decide how you’re going to solve your problem and achieve your vision. Write a brief statement that describes the approach you plan to take.

A complete statement of approach includes the:

  • problem to be solved and the desired end state,
  • participants and their roles,
  • customers or beneficiaries and how they will be affected,
  • methods and strategies to be used, and the
  • innovations and other changes needed to solve the problem.


Summarize your recommendation(s) for the development of the system.


Even though you’ve created the best possible way to solve your problem, there may be some audiences that just won’t back your approach. It’s important to protect your business case from lackluster support.  Detail any acceptable alternative approaches that will achieve your future vision. It is also helpful to describe your decisions about some potential approaches that were considered and discarded.


The benefits of solving your problem are an integral part of your business case.  People want to know how your project will help them in their business and their community. You should identify and discuss the benefits of change.

Performance Measures

If people are going to give you their support, they will want to know that you are delivering on your promises. Performance measures give your stakeholders a concrete way to assess how the project is doing relative to their expectations and to identify where improvements are needed.

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