Coursework Assignment Brief 
Unit Title:  Brands & Branding 
  Title of Brief: Brand ReportThis assignment is a formal element of coursework worth 100% of the overall unit mark   
BRIEF 1: INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT   The individual assessment for this unit comprises of submitting a 3000-word report for the launch of a new brand extension for Purbeck brand or line extension for their newly launched chocolate bars, in the UK.   You will need to first have a clear understanding of the brand and their product basket, as well as the current competitive environment in the UK. Purbeck has recently launched a new brand extension, chocolate bars. You need to evaluate the brand extension, and come up with Line extension for the chocolate bars (i.e. other flavours, packaging). You can also come up with a new brand extension for the company however, your decision should be based on evaluation of the brand extension (Purbeck Chocolate bars).   You are expected to use the models and frameworks introduced throughout the lectures and seminars to develop your proposal. Use your imagination and get creative.   Your report would typically consist of three main sections as follows:   Market research Brand evaluation (main brand and extension) and developmentBrand communications plan   Below are some guidelines regarding how to tackle each section of the report:   Market research guidelines (approx. 700 words)   We would expect you to use secondary data collection methods to gather relevant insights about consumer behaviour, current key player brands in the confectionary market. That could include a review/content analysis of related press articles, or social media posts, data from Mintel and other related market research sources. You have to look into corporate data as well to help you understand the brand. Findings from your research should help you to (1) present and evaluate the brand and brand extension (2) present the consumer target market, their brand interaction and behaviour and (3) evaluate existing Purbeck chocolate bar strategy and tactics and to develop new strategies and tactics for the launch of the brand extension/line extension.     Brand evaluation (main brand and extension) and development (approx. 1200 words)   Based on the research you conduct, you will be reporting on your brand evaluation (Purbeck and Purbeck chocolate bar). This can include (and not limited to) the brand positioning, brand value, brand equity, brand relationship, brand communication.   Then you explain your decision on introducing a line extension (different flavour, size, packaging, form etc.) or a new brand extension (cake!). If you decide on line extension, you need to justify your decision based on existing brand positioning and market/customer demand. If you propose a brand extension, again this needs to be justified based on existing product basket, company’s goal and strategies and market demand.         You can make use of visuals (either hand-drawn or using a graphic design software) for illustration purposes of your line or brand extension. You may be able to modify the brand image (if needed-which needs to be explained).   Brand communications plan guidelines (approx. 1100 words)   In this last section, you will propose a communication plan for the launch of this new chocolate line/brand extension using appropriate brand communications frameworks and theories you have learnt in this unit and across other units on your degree. This would typically have the following structure:   Key insights from research (may use bullet points)Target audience profile (may use infographic to help demonstrate) SMART objectives (2 or 3 objectives is enough)Brand strategy & tactics (discussion text)Brand plan evaluation (discussion text)   You can use diagrams, tables and figures to help illustrate your points.   
  The ILOs this assignment is testing are:   1.         Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of brand theories and their applications in diverse contexts; 2.         Apply appropriate brand strategies in response to market challenges and opportunities; 3.         Assess the approaches and perspectives in contemporary brand thinking; 4.         Understand the principles of evaluation with reference to brand building   
      ASSESSMENT CRITERIA   SECTIONS WEIGHTAGE   Market research   This section should demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the market informed by extensive reading and research. You should demonstrate market analysis, existing brand evaluation and positioning, target market and customer, justification of line/brand extension linked to the main brand and market/industry,         25%   Brand evaluation (main brand and extension) and development   This section should include the existing brand evaluation, elements such as brand positioning, brand value, brand equity, brand relationship, brand communication. Also you need to provide a strong justification on brand or line extension. How you have developed your new brand or line, all the elements relevant to the development such as visuals, positioning, packaging.         35 %   Brand communications plan   This section includes Key insights from research, Target audience profile, SMART objectives, Brand strategy & tactics and Brand plan evaluation.             30% Presentation   Structure, language, referencing and design.         10%     
SUBMISSION DETAILS     Report should be submitted in online via Turnitin only.   The word length for the report is 3000 words. Please state clearly the word count on the title page. The word count excludes the title and contents pages, text in figures and diagrams, reference list and appendices. Submissions exceeding the word limit by up to 10% will be penalised by a reduction of 5 marks from the total percentage awarded. Thus please note that, for example, 5 marks would be deducted from an assignment, which was 3001 words. Reports with a word count above 10% of the limit specified will not be marked and will be awarded a zero.     For a Turnitin submission: Submit via the assignment submission link in the navigation bar in the appropriate unit on Brightspace. Please be aware of the following restrictions. File must be less than 40 MB and must have at least 20 words of text.The maximum paper length is 400 pages.File types allowed: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), Hangul (HWP), and plain text.Please note that if you submit more than one file only the most recent file will be visible to the marker.  New submissions after the deadline will therefore be treated as LATE even if you submitted a previous version on time.   It is your responsibility to ensure that you are submitting to the correct submission box in the correct unit on Brightspace.  You should check and retain your receipt for all submissions.    
DEADLINE     Please note that this is the final time you can submit – not the time to submit!   Your feedback and mark for this assignment will be provided on.  If you fail your assignment or need further clarification on your feedback please make an appointment to see your tutor. 
HELP AND SUPPORT     There will be a detailed assignment briefing in the first lecture. An online assignment forum will also be set-up to respond to Q&As under a discussion tab, which can be found in Brightspace. This will be monitored by the Unit Leader and questions will be answered until the cut off point of. Individual guidance will be provided throughout the unit (as far as possible) by emailing one of the unit tutors during normal office hours. Please expect a response within 48 hours.   
Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism: You must acknowledge your source every time you refer to others’ work or work that you have previously submitted and been assessed on, using the Harvard Referencing system (Author/Date method). Failure to do so amounts to plagiarism or self-plagiarism   which is against University regulations. Please refer to  University’s guide to citation in the Harvard style. Students must ensure that they do not commit any type of Academic Offence.  For further information please see:  Plagiarism regulations extend to audio visual materials and work in other media. Archive or other material not generated by yourself or crew must be appropriately captioned when on screen and an acknowledgement to the source of the material included in the end credits or equivalent part of any online material. Failure to do so amounts to plagiarism or self-plagiarism, which is against University regulations.Students with Additional Learning Needs may contact Learning Support on General academic support is available via the Study Skills community on Brightspace.Additional support for Faculty of Media and Communication students only is provided by a small team of Learning Development Tutors.  Please contact to make an appointment. If you have any valid exceptional circumstances that mean you cannot meet an assignment submission deadline and you wish to request an extension, you will need to complete and submit the Exceptional Circumstances Form for consideration to your Administrator together with appropriate supporting evidence (e.g., GP note) normally before the coursework deadline. Further details on the procedure and the exceptional circumstances form can be found at  Please make sure you read these documents carefully before submitting anything for consideration.Please be mindful that certain actions carry risk which should be adequately assessed before undertaking the activity.  Please refer to University/Faculty guidance for clarification.   
Disclaimer: The information provided in this assignment brief is correct at time of publication. In the unlikely event that any changes are deemed necessary, they will be communicated clearly via e-mail and via the VLE and a new version of this assignment brief will be circulated.Version: 2 

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