General Instructions:

  • Include in-text citations and a Reference List for in-text citations
  • Write in correct, complete sentences, in paragraph format unless otherwise instructed
  • Write in complete sentences in paragraph format.
  • Use in-text citations citing to relevant assignment materials.    
  • Double space; 12-point Arial or Times Roman font.
  • Introductory Sentence:  Begin with an introductory sentence or very brief paragraph that states your conclusion to the questions asked. 
  • Concluding Sentence:  End the discussion with a concluding sentence or a very brief paragraph that summarizes your conclusion/what you discussed.
  • Lesson is on intellectual property, patents, patents law, trademark law, copyright law, fair use, and Lanham Act,


Naturals, Inc. discontinued its paint cleaning solution and PI was unable to find a satisfactory substitute in the marketplace.  Working with a consultant, the PI owners and several painter-employees developed a simple cleaning solution for removing paint from wood and concrete surfaces.  The solution is chemical-free and consists of inexpensive, easily accessible ingredients. 

PI would like to begin producing this solution for its business use and to sell to customers.  PI wants to protect the solution’s formula from its competitors.

You are tasked with researching and recommending an approach to the PI owners. Present your findings in a memorandum to Pat and Gale. 


Prepare a memorandum that analyzes ways to protect intellectual property.

The memorandum should analyze:

A.  whether the cleaning solution could be patented and why

  • If so, summarize the steps in the process

B. whether PI could protect the solution as a trade secret and why

  • If so, summarize the steps in the process

C.  which option is recommended for PI :  whether the solution should be patented or protected as a trade secret

  • explain why to support your recommendation



 TO:              Gale Roth, Pat Braden

FROM:         (your name)

RE:              PI Intellectual Property





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