TOPIC:  Biological abnormalities and psychology of substance abuse (module 14.1)

    1. Definition of Substance Abuse
    1. Briefly mention some drug’s mechanism of action, if there is any predisposition, environmental, genetic, or behavioral predictors of abuse.  How drugs affect synapses in a different way.
    1. Figures: The rise in cases of substance abuse disorder. The number of cases per year on average, number in recent years.  Why is relevant?
  2. Most important Drugs mechanism, Derived from plant
    1. For example, nicotine comes from tobacco, caffeine from coffee and tea, opiates from poppies, and cocaine from coca.
    1. Why our brains react to compounds found in plants.
    1. How some drugs either speed up or slow down synaptic transmission.
    1. The effects of the substance in the brain are distinct from the effects that occur during withdrawal and the effects that cause cravings. Explanations.
    1. Mention the most important neurotransmitters and their role in our brain. Explain what tolerance, withdrawal, and cravings is.
  4. Explain some treatments, and how treatments work on substance abuse.
    1. Some medications and therapy for alcohol abuse and opioid abuse. I’ll probably research for more.
  5. Why is treatment important.
    1. Summary of the information of different groups
    1. Summary of figures, percentages of recovery, and important statistics.
    1. Concluding statement based on gathered data


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