You have just been hired as the recruitment and selection specialist for BCH, a health-care organization that oversees many diverse health services in British Columbia. You were offered the position due to your knowledge in legislation, experience in oral presentations and report writing, ability to effectively schedule complex projects, and self-discipline. The hiring manager stated that oral presentations and report writing were given the most weight in the hiring decision. He also mentioned that the importance of this job dimension influenced the raters’ ratings over the other job dimensions.

The shortage of professionals is a well-documented global issue occurring in countries with aging populations. As a result, an organization such as BCH is experiencing staff shortages in nursing. Patients’ waiting times have increased by 500 percent. A large percentage of nurses will be eligible for retirement soon. Young graduate nurses are moving out of the province to health-care providers that are aggressively recruiting and providing new hires with incentives ranging from flexible work alternatives to educational funding support. Twenty percent of nurses are off the job due to illness or injury. Eighty percent of nurses are single parents, support an elderly parent(s), or are a primary care giver. BCH believes that becoming an “employer of choice” is a way to attract and retain its health-care professionals.

1. What contextual and what task performance behaviour did BCH hire you for? (6 marks)

2. Discuss the process that is designed to establish BCH’s identity and perception in the marketplace as an employer of choice. (6 marks)

3. Discuss the process that is designed to raise BCH’s profile in a positive manner in order to attract job seekers’ interest. (6 marks)

4. Explain and discuss the term for BCH’s process of gathering information about demographics such as nursing shortages and the aging population. (7 marks)

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