Select a BAD advertisement

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You will write a 3-4 page paper critiquing an advertisement from a current magazine, TV, or YouTube. You must show the ad to the class. Depending on your schedule, you will select an ad that is poorly done. You might include some of the headings/subheadings listed below, but feel free to choose the questions or topics you feel are most relevant.

 •Audience Analysis: oFor whom is the ad intended? oWhere did it appear? oDoes it reach the intended audience?

•Content: oWhat is the central point of the ad? oAre the claims supported? oHow is it personalized? oCritique the visual content. oCritique the verbal content. oWould the ad offend anyone?

•Placement: oWhere did the magazine/TV place the ad? oWhat other ads or articles/programs juxtapose the ad placement? oIs the placement appropriate?

•Effect: oCritique the effectiveness.

•Recommendation: oHow would you make this ad more effective

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