Undergraduate Students

Choose one major theory presented in your textbook and apply it to your autobiography. First, collect sources on the theory you chose. You should have at least 4 new sources the theory. The point here is for your learning to extend beyond the text we are using. These sources should be professional and high-quality (absolutely no webpages as part of these sources, although you can use them as supplemental sources very minimally).

Your paper will be a minimum of 4 pages long, covering the theory and how it connects to your autobiography. Here you will re-examine your personality in terms of the theory and apply it to the real world – your world. Name and define the theory. Describe how it applies to your personality, using concepts from the theory. Give specific examples of how each concept relates to your personality. Be sure to cite all sources appropriately! Your paper should be formally written consistent with APA style and voice.


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