Assignment: Theory of Individual School Reform

Imagine you are invited to become the principal of a newly constituted charter school in downtown Philadelphia.

Consider the following assumptions:

  • Test scores are among the lowest in the city.
  • You will be expected to hire a brand-new staff at the school and bring in your own administration team.
  • The charter’s major quality benchmark for you will require that you significantly improve state test scores within two years.

Note. Feel free to create or establish any other information, like specific demographics.

Write a 1,500-word improvement plan for this school, outlining strategies you will implement. Include timetables.

Include the following information within the improvement plan:

  • Specific interventions related to instructor quality
    • Educational benchmarks related to improving educational outcome quality
    • A reflection on improving the overall student experience

Note. If you believe that good schools are more than just schools with high test scores, your improvement plan should include qualitative outcomes and a description of how you will know you have met them. For example, if you wish to increase student motivation, you will need to describe the desired outcome and the way you will measure that outcome over time.

4 references

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