Make sure you use complete sentences.

  1. After watching ‘The Scientific Method’ video, list the six key steps in The Scientific Method and discuss each step.
  • After watching the video ‘Creating Graphs in Science’, list the steps in creating a graph. Also, discuss why the dependent variable is located on the y-axis and the independent variable is on the x-axis.
  • After watching the video ‘How to Formulate a Hypothesis’, what are the two key components of a hypothesis? 
  • After going through the tutorial for the ‘Scientific Method’ online activity, start the cricket experiment.

           a. Define the problem:

           b. Formulate your own hypothesis by using the ‘if’ and ‘then’ statement as you                          learned in the video ‘How to Formulate a Hypothesis’.

  • Results:
Data Table A: Effect of Temperature on Crick Chirps
Temperature (oC)Cricket Chirp Rate (chirps/minute)
Data Table B: Effect of Atmospheric Pressure on Crick Chirps
Atmospheric Pressure (mm Hg)Cricket Chirp Rate (chirps/minute)
Data Table C: Effect of Humidity on Crick Chirps
Humidity (%)Cricket Chirp Rate (chirps/minute)
Data Table D: Effect of Wind Speed on Crick Chirps
Wind Speed (m/sec)Cricket Chirp Rate (chirps/minute)
  • After conducting your experiments look back on your original hypothesis. Was it correct? If it was correct then you can accept your hypothesis. If it was not correct you can reject your hypothesis. Which will you do (accept or reject)?
  • Graphing: Insert your graph(s) of the variable(s) that actually affect the cricket’s chirping.
  • Conclusion: 

(1-2 sentence testable statement about which variables affect cricket chirps)

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