Spend the next few days carefully analyzing the world around you and asking questions about why/how you do or view things every day the way that you do.  Some examples- 

  • Will my gas tank being filled up in the summer versus the winter allow me to get better or worse gas mileage?
  • Does using bread flour improve the texture/taste in baking over other types of flour?
  • Why does one area of your yard appear to have greener gas then other areas of your yard?
  • Will your bread last longer in a closed, dark pantry then placed out on the counter near a window?
  • Will your produce last longer stored in the crisper? 

You will need to cite at least 3 credible references and explain how you came up with the idea and how you tested it, in detail:

1.  What observation led you to come up with your experiment?  Provide sufficient background information and introduce the topic.

2.  What is your hypothesis being tested? State it clearly and remember that a hypothesis is a testable statement.  (Make sure you understand what a hypothesis is before forming one).

3.  Explain your scientific experiment, the process, the materials and the steps you will take to ensure your data begins and remains accurate through out the experiment.  

4.  What other variables might need to be accounted for when testing your hypothesis? 

5.  Is there another or better way to test your hypothesis?  Might you consider testing your same hypothesis under different parameters to further validate your results? 


You may find credible resources on Google Scholar, any news journal, .net or .org site.  Please refrain from Wikipedia, .com, or blog sites as this information may not always be accurate.  These articles have not been peer-reviewed for accuracy.

Your essay will need to include a cover page with a title (does not count towards the 3-5 pages), be a minimum of 2 pages in length (12-pt font and double-spaced) and include a final Reference page that also does not count towards your 3-5 pages.  Please use APA formatting, especially when citing references, and I recommend Grammarly.com to help you proofread along the way.

Please CITE YOUR SOURCES WITHIN YOUR ESSAY when using direct quotes, statistics, or facts.  Use no more than two direct quotations in your essay; all other information should be paraphrased in your own words.  Always spell-check and use correct grammar.  Grammarly.com is a great free resource to help with this!

This essay is linked to Turnitin and will be checked for plagiarism.  Your essay will need to be in your own paraphrased words.  IF YOU SCORE ABOVE 25% ON COPIED MATERIAL, POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED. 

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