Read the sim case, apply to your simulation. Asses your critical thinking, ethical decision making, and written communication skills… don’t overthink it. 

  • All assignments should be typed, single-spaced, 1000 word or less, using 12-point Times New Roman type with 1-inch margins on all 4 sides in a word doc/docx.
    • Notice I said 1000 words or less. No page limit, I expect graphs, charts, and tables where appropriate.
      • Graphs/charts/pictures/bibliography/heading do not count toward word count.
      • Only the ‘text’ in the body of the paper count toward the word count. 
  • Adhere to the 4 C’s of writing website read (Links to an external site.), and here is a video of the 4 C’s of writing short video (Links to an external site.).
  • All citations should be in APA format.
  • Assignments that do not meet these requirements will receive an automatic 20% deduction.
  • Frequent wording and grammatical errors will also result in deductions.
  • TurnItIn or other plagiarism detection software will be utilized.

Apply the 6 steps of Management Decision Making (MDM) to the below problem. Here is a link to a video that covers the 6 step MDM (Links to an external site.).

  1. Recognition of Decision Requirement – Identify problem or opportunity
  2. Diagnosis and Analysis – Analyze underlying causal factors
  3. Develop Alternatives – Define feasible alternatives
  4. Selection of Desired Alternative – Alternative with most desirable outcome
  5. Implementation of Chosen Alternative – Use of managerial, administrative, and persuasive abilities to execute chosen alternative
  6. Evaluation and Feedback – Gather information about effectiveness

Make sure to use data, logic, and critical thinking.  

An example from a undergrad class of MDM done a different sim. I expect more development, citation, and APA formatting from MBAs; but remember, keep it complete, clear, concise (you do have a word limit, not a word minimum), and correct… don’t overthink it, remember this assignment is to asses your critical thinking, ethical decision making, and written communication skills.

 <<Mini-Case below>>

Your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) has suggested a promotion that consists of a contacting purchasing agents and offering them several options. Your CMO says that all of the approaches listed are being used by your competitors in one form or another. Since purchasing agents participate in the vendor decisions for information systems, this may be a way of distinguishing your product and present some new opportunities. 
Options are given below. Can do as many as you want.

  1. Offer a small gift (value $25) to the first 2000 purchasing agents who make an appointment with one of your sales people. Cost: $50,000.
  2. Offer a small gift (value $50) to the first 1000 purchasing agents who make an appointment with one of your sales people. Cost: $50,000.
  3. Use a prospects mailing list to send a holiday gift (value $75) to 650 sales managers. Cost: $48,750.
  4. Host a party for purchasing agents at a trade show that is scheduled in two months, and offer complimentary items (items valued at about $75). Cost: $65,000.
  5. Offer any purchasing agent a long weekend at a resort if his/her firm purchases any of your products or services. Cost: $70,000.
  6. Offer any purchasing agent’s child or relative college tuition for a year. Cost: $40,000.
  7. Do not offer purchasing agents any gifts or incentives at this time.

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