Use good research to compliment and use citation from quote below and other credible sourcing. Do not exceed 100 word count of verbatim quotations. The rest must be paraphrased, i.e. in your own words. 

Paraphrased materials should also be referenced, usually at the end of a paragraph when you are finished presenting information form a source. 

You should not use any class materials in the essay. 

The exception here is terminology; but of course you should and must use terminology (e.g. machine learning, narrow AI and so on).

  1. BRIEF

Formulate and explain your position regarding the following extract by Yuval Harari. What do you think the future holds for humankind from the perspective of AI. Refer to some of the potential problems discussed in class.

“After 4 billion years of organic life evolving by natural selection, science is ushering in the era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design. In the process, Homo sapiens itself will likely disappear. Today we are still apes of the hominid family. We still share with Neanderthals and chimpanzees most of our bodily structures, physical abilities and mental faculties. Not only are our hands, eyes and brains distinctly hominid, but so are our lust, our love, anger and social bonds. Within a century or two, the combination of biotechnology and AI might result in bodily, physical and mental traits that completely break free of the hominid mould. Some believe that consciousness might even be severed from any organic structure, and could surf cyberspace free of all biological and physical constraints. On the other hand, we might witness the complete decoupling of intelligence from consciousness, and the development of AI might result in a world dominated by super-intelligent but completely non-conscious entities.”

Harari, Y.N. (2018). 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. London Jonathan Cape.

    • Include a bibliography.
    • All sources must be cited in APA format.
    • Listing a large number of sources in the bibliography is not sufficient. You need to employ the materials in your essay and evidence this through in-text citations.
    • Ensure that you switch on the spell-checker in English.
    • Please avoid a casual or informal style and write in an academic tone.
    • Do not write in bullet points or in incomplete sentences.

You must follow the below layout stipulations.

  • 1,000 words +/-10% excluding the bibliography
  • Submit your essay in MS Word; no other format will be accepted.
    • Abstract, executive summary, footnotes, bibliography and appendices (if used) are not included in the word count.
    • Format your text to a minimum 1.5 line spacing. You can use double line spacing if preferred.
    • Font size 12; choose a conventional font.
    • Include page numbers.
    • Use APA referencing.
    • Quotations of up to two lines should be assimilated inline. Quotations longer than two lines should be presented in indented single-spaced ‘block’ form in font size 10.
    • Do not exceed 10% of verbatim quotations.

4a) Essay layout:

  • Title page (separate page; not included in word count)
    • Abstract/executive summary (separate page; not included in word count)
    • Table of contents (separate page; not included in word count)
    • Table of figures (only necessary if you include figures; if so, separate page)
    • Chapters (follow the chapter outline given below)
    • Bibliography / reference list (not included in word count)
    • Appendices (optional; not included in word count)

4b) The title page must contain the following information:

  • Student Name
    • Course name and code
    • Essay title
    • Word count

4c) Abstract / executive summary:

Your paper must have an abstract/executive summary of no more than 150 words in which you succinctly describe the outcome(s) of your essay. The abstract/executive summary is not included in the word count.

-concentrate on main writing, and writing enough and then add this if can shortly, or more to it in. Make sure to connect to subject terminology, and make sure using terminologies from course attachments. Also need good research and use APA.

4d) Your essay must have the following three chapters and chapter titles:

  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
  3. Conclusion

You may add short subtitles if you wish, e.g. »Introduction: the emergence of Christianity«. Optionally, you may use sub-chapters for any or all of the main chapters.


Grades are awarded in accordance with the rubrics outlined in this document. It is every student’s responsibility to read the rubrics and ensure you understand them. You should arrange a tutorial if you are unsure about any aspect of the assignment or the grading process.

Once awarded, grades are non-negotiable and only in specific circumstances can a student request a review of the grade (see Student Handbook, p. 15). Reasons such as that you worked hard, invested a lot of time, had higher grades in other assignments or courses, want a higher aggregate or feel that you deserve a better grade are not valid grounds for increasing a mark.

If you feel treated unfairly or aggrieved by the grade awarded for this assignment, you are entitled to make a formal complaint to the deanery in which you need to clearly outline your reasons for requesting that the assignment be re-graded.


It is every student’s responsibility to ensure that all written work is original and their own and that quotations are correctly marked as such and referenced in line with APA format.


The professor cannot grant extensions. Assignment extensions can only be requested from the deanery. If you request an extension, you should clearly state your extenuating circumstances and be able to support them with official documents. Unless it is a highly pressing matter, extensions should be made well in advance of the assignment deadline,

i.e. not a week before the due date.

CONTENT AND KNOWLEDGE   30%  Excels in responding to assignmentDemonstrates high degree of critical thought and advanced understanding of topicTopic is explored in depth and within a clearly delineated framework    Responds well to assignmentCritical thinking is woven into points; demonstrates a good understanding of topicTopic is investigated with care and detailResponds adequately to assignmentSome critical thinking is present; demonstrates a general understanding of topicTopic is examined acceptably but remains underdeveloped and lacks focusResponds incompletely or only partially to assignmentOnly limited evidence of a critical engagement with ideas; topic is understood poorlyTopic is examined insufficiently and/or superficially    Does not respond to assignmentCritical thinking is absent; basic outlines of topic are not graspedNo intellectual effort discernible
STRUCTURE AND ANALYSIS   20%Paper is expertly organised with ideas being arranged logically and flowing seamlesslyDemonstrates and applies very good understanding of relevant concepts; analysis is insightful and well-reasonedPaper is effectively organised; ideas progress logically from paragraph to paragraphDemonstrates and applies solid understanding of relevant concepts; analysis is thoughtful but may sometimes lack depthPaper is adequately organised; ideas are arranged reasonably but progression shows weaknessesDemonstrates and applies basic understanding of relevant concepts; analysis often lacks depth; reasoning is unsound  Organisation is flawed; flow of ideas is incoherent and/or difficult to followDemonstrates and applies limited understanding of relevant concepts; analysis is superficial or poorly reasonedPaper lacks logical organisation and impedes comprehension of ideasDemonstrates and applies no understanding of relevant concepts; little to no analysis or analysis is very poor
SOURCES AND REFERENCING   20%  A good number of quality academic sources in addition to web sourcesSources are current, highly relevant and reliableSources are used appropriately and effectively; explanations are detailed and convincingReference entries follow the chosen citation style correctly and are free of errorsIn-text citations and/or references are correctly presented  Some quality academic sources in addition to web sourcesSources are of good quality, mainly current and relevantSources are used well to support points; explanations are competent and plausibleReference entries follow the chosen citation style fairly well and are usually correctThere may be a few minor errors in in-text citations and/or referencesNo academic sources; web sources onlySources are somewhat credible, mostly current but not always directly relevantSources are used in a generalising manner with irrelevant examples; explanations lack focusReference entries demonstrate effort in following the chosen citation style but contain errorsSeveral errors in in- text citations and/or references are presentNo academic sources; web sources only and/or limited in numberSome sources are outdated, of questionable quality, and/or not immediately relevantSources used are based on clichés or overgeneralisations; explanations are personal rather than analyticalReference entries may somewhat follow the chosen citation style but contain significant errorsRecurring major errors in in-text citations and/or references      No or only very few web sourcesSources are unreliable, outdated and/or not relevantUses irrelevant details or lacks supporting evidence entirely; explanations missing or unduly briefA citation style is either not adhered to or applied erroneouslyIf in-text citations and/or references are included at all, they contain major errors
WRITING AND STYLE   20%      Virtually no spelling or punctuation mistakesSentence structure and grammar are excellentWriting is clear, concise and employs a sophisticated style  Few minor orthographic and punctuation errorsSentence structure and grammar are strong and mostly correct.Writing is mainly clear and concise; style is mostly fine with minor lapses  Noticeable errors in punctuation and/or orthographySentence structure and grammar contain errors but are mostly acceptableWriting is somewhat clear but not always concise; text contains some generalisations and informal languageRepeated errors in punctuation and/or orthographySentence structure may be weak and contain grammatical errorsWriting lacks clarity and conciseness; text displays bias and/or contains sweeping assumptions, generalisations and informal languageNumerous errors in punctuation and/or orthographyContains serious problems with sentence structure and grammarWriting is unidiomatic, imprecise and/or verbose; no attempt is made to offer a stylistically appropriate text
PRESENTATION   10%  The essay is presented excellently and follows the layout guidelines.  Minor slips notwithstanding, the essay is presented well.  The paper is presented acceptably but there are several aspects that can improve the layout.  Essay layout does not implement many of the prescribed guidelines.  Essay presentation is insufficient and/or does affect readability in some places.

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