Assignment D – Cultural  Competency/Humility/Safety Reflection Paper                                                                              Marking Guide
Name of Student:  
Date Submitted:
2%Cover Page  Cover page:  Include paper title, student name, course number/name, name of professor, date, and page numbers as perAPA (2020) manual 7th edition         /2
6%Introductory Paragraph Introductory Paragraph: Briefly introduces the key concepts of cultural competence, cultural humility and cultural safety, and provides a clear description of the direction the paper will take.                 /6
60%BodyCultural Situation: Provides a clear description of a cultural situation or incident that has occurred with one of your assigned patients. CONFIDENTIALITY must be maintained.           /10
Key Concepts: Applies the key concepts (i.e., cultural competence, cultural humility, cultural safety) arising from the readings and reference information provided in relation to the cultural situation being reflected upon.                 /20
Implications: Discusses two (2) implications of cultural competence/ cultural humility/cultural safety for each of the following: the health care system; patient outcomes; the profession of nursing; and your future nursing practice. Within the health care system discuss one (1) implication that relates to interprofessional care and teamwork.             /20
Application of Theory: Provides evidence of the exploration and integration of the current cultural competence, safety and humility literature and applies that theory to the situation being discussed.  Provides a minimum of three (3) additional recent and relevant academic references to support your discussion.                10
7%ConclusionConclusion: Brings paper to a logical close. Clear and concise, summarizes key points of paper         /7
25%Writing QualityGrammar & Spelling: Careful attention to grammar, spelling, word usage sentence and paragraph structure                 /10
Flow: Logical development of ideas, organization and flow         /5
APA:  APA Level of headings; double spaced throughout including current references (within the last 5 years); Times Roman 12 pt. font; 2.5 cm page margins; correct citation and reference formats; other requirements as per APA (2020) manual 7th edition                /10
Length:– 8–9 pages. Nine (9) page MAXIMUM excluding cover page and references.*Please Note: A ½ mark will be deducted for each ½ page beyond this maximum. 
     / 100 
  As per College policy, there is a -5% deduction for late submissions without communication re reason for lateness and/or AES accommodations. As per college policy the late submission of more than 5 days will result in 0 on this paper assignments.  Minus –5% of 35= –1.75 a day mark deduction.       
Total:                                                                                                                                                                                                  /100

Assignment D: Cultural Paper: Cultural Competency, Humility, & Safety, Practice Reflective Paper*

Purpose: To assist students gain insight and knowledge in the area of cultural competency, cultural humility and cultural safety in practice, and to consider the implications of cultural considerations for the health care system, the nursing profession, patient outcomes, and future nursing practice.

Description: Academic Paper


Write a 8-9 page academic paper (maximum 9 pages excluding title page and references) using APA (2020) 7th edition (title page, headings, reference citations, reference list, appropriate use of quotations, etc.). Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 2.5 cm page margins.

Students will critically reflect on their own cultural sensitivity, as well as demonstrations of cultural sensitivity on the part of other healthcare providers in the provision of high quality culturally competent and safe care.  Students will conduct their reflection based on a situation or incident they were personally involved in during their NURS 450.9, their NURS 431.3 or another recent clinical placement.

To conduct your reflection, students are required to review the following literature and provide evidence of the integration of each of these resources into the scholarly paper:

Canadian Nurses Association. (2018). Position statement: Promoting cultural competence in nursing.

Curtis, E., Jones, R., Tipene-Leach, D., Walker, C., Loring, B., Paine, S.-J., & Reid, P. (2019). Why cultural safety rather than cultural competency is required to achieve health equity: A literature review and recommended definition. International Journal for Equity in Health, 18(1), 1–17.

First Nations Health Authority. (2019). Cultural safety and humility (by Dr. Becky


First Nations Health Authority. (2022). Cultural safety and humility.

Foronda, C. (2020). A theory of cultural humility. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 31(1), 7–12.

Foronda, C., Baptiste, D-L., Reinholdt, M. M., & Ousman, K. (2016). Cultural humility:

A concept analysis. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 27(3), 210–217.

Greene-Moton, E., & Minkler, M. (2020). Cultural competence or cultural humility?

Moving beyond the debate. Health Promotion Practice, 21(1), 142–145.

Hughes, V., Delva, S., Nkimbeng, M., Spaulding, E., Turkson-Ocran, R. A., Cudjoe, J., Ford, A., Rushton, C., D’Aoust, R., & Han, H. R. (2020). Not missing the opportunity: Strategies to promote cultural humility among future nursing faculty. Journal of Professional Nursing, 36, 28–33. 

Drawing directly from the required literature your paper will include the following:

1. Introduction:

An introductory paragraph that briefly introduces the concepts of cultural humility, competency, and safety and describes the direction the paper will take.

2. Body of the Paper:

  • Provide a clear description of a cultural situation or incident that has occurred with one of your assigned patients.  Take every measure to ensure CONFIDENTIALITY.
    •  Apply the KEY CONCEPTS arising in the required readings listed above as you discuss your situation/incident. It is important that these key concepts become evident in your paper.
    •  Provide two (2) implications of cultural humility/competency/safety (taken together) for each of the following:
  • The Health Care System
  •  The Nursing Profession
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Your Future Nursing Practice

NB: Under a) health care systemabove also provide one (1) additional implication of cultural humility/competency/safety for interprofessional care and teamwork.

  • Support your reflections and arguments by drawing on the required cultural humility/competency/safety literature (i.e., apply the theory) to your situation/incident. Although you are encouraged to explore the literature broadly, please include a minimum of three (3) additional recent (within the last 5 years) and relevant academic references to support your discussion.
    •   Reflect on how the cultural experience described in your paper will impact your future nursing practice.

3. Conclusion:

Summarize the key points presented in the paper and clearly and concisely bring the paper to a logical close.

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