This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:   

  1. 1.) Discuss the role of observation in early learning and care programs
    • Identify a variety of reasons to observe children
    • Define the role of the observer
    • Explain the importance of documentation
    • Recognize the link between child development and observation
  2. 2.) Utilize appropriate observation techniques to identify children’s strengths and challenges.
    • Write factual observations
    • Practice using a variety of observational tools
    • Distinguish differences between subjective and objective statements
    • Identify the strengths and limitations of different observational tools
    • Interpret results of observations to scaffold learning in the context of a child’s strengths and challenges.
    • Evaluates observations to determine children’s capabilities, interests, ideas and experiences.
    • Connects information gathered using a variety of observation tools to infer children’s capabilities, interests, ideas and experiences.
    • Recognizes how observation links to curriculum planning

Objective of this Assignment:   

To demonstrate and utilize multiple observational tools, to analyze, and interpret to gain an awareness of the child’s holistic development, abilities and interests.  To strategize on a curriculum plan to enhance the child’s development. To discuss the parent teacher interview. To reflect on observations learned within the course, and how you will utilize them in your career as an Educator in the field of early childhood education.

Pre-Assignment Instructions:

  1. To prepare you for this assignment, read the modules 6 and 7 content and follow the embedded learning activities.

Assignment Tasks:

  1. Use Caillou from the TV show as your child.

Part 1:  Observation: 

  1. View all the following videos.

King Caillou:

Caillou and Rosie’s Birthday:

Caillou’s Beach Day:

  • Complete 3 observations on 3 different videos, to give you an idea on Caillou’s development and his interests.  Choose observation templates that will enable you to learn the most about Caillou and his development.

Part 2:  Analysis and Interpretation

  1. Analyze and interpret your multiple observations for a complete overall picture of development.

 Reference your observations i.e. flexibility and coordination (anecdotal and running record)

  •  Reference the ELECT document.

Part 3: The Parent/Teacher Interview

  1. Discuss Your Parent/Teacher meeting with Caillou’s parents:
    1. What is your plan or process for this interview?
    1. Are their any considerations that you need to be aware of?
    1. What kinds of comments/questions would you ask or talk about at the parent teacher interview and why?
    1. What three main topics would you discuss and why?
  2. Outline your suggestions for moving forward including curriculum ideas, and skill development.
  3. What strategies would you advise for parental involvement at home?

Part 4:

Write a 2-4 page reflection on the observations you conducted throughout the semester.

  1. Questions to consider:
  2. Why did you choose these particular templates and these videos to do your observations on?
  3. Throughout the course; what did you learn in completing your observations? Be as specific as possible and offer examples.
  4. Which observational tool did you find most beneficial to your future practice?
  5. Did anything surprise you during your observations? Provide examples.
  6. Reflect on how you plan to use the observations you have learned about in the course. What kind of system will you put in place so that using observations will be a regular part of your future practice?
  7. How will you utilize media in the classroom for documenting and/or other purposes?  Why?
  • Your assignment is to be submitted in MS WORD format. It should be submitted with the following guidelines:
    • Include a cover page with the course code and course name, the title of your assignment, your student ID, your name, the instructor’s name, and the date the assignment is created.
    • Ensure the first page of your assignment has the title at the top of the page and the sections of your report have headings and subheadings
    • Font should be Arial 12 or Calibri 12. Text must be double spaced but table may be single spaced.
    • You must cite all your sources of information using APA formatting. 
    • Create a separate reference page that lists all of your sources that you have cited in text. Sources include software used. Also, personal communications from a professional in the field count as a reference source. For citation and referencing examples, see

Assignment Grading Rubric (35%) 

CriteriaExcellent 80-100%Good 50-79%Requires Improvement <50%Points  
Assignment QualityAll information offered is accurate   All views are clearly expressed and well explained   Contains original ideas, connections or applicationsMost information offered is accurate   Most views are clearly expressed and explained   Contains mainly original ideas, connections or applicationsSome or no accurate information offered   Views are rarely or never clear and require further explanation   Many non- original ideas, or unclear connections or applications/5
Assignment Knowledge and Skills Demonstration General      Clear, concise synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic     All ideas are clearly developed, organized logically, and connected with effective transitions   Explores ideas, supports points fully using a balance of evidence, uses effective reasoning to make useful distinctions     All relevant course and topic links are madeEvidence of some synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic   Some unified and coherent ideas are developed with effective transitions     Supports most ideas with effective examples, and/or references, and details, makes key distinctions   Most relevant course and topic links are madeLack of evidence or weakness in the synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic   Develops and organizes ideas that are not necessarily connected.  Some ideas seem illogical and/or unrelated   Presents ideas in general terms, most ideas are inconsistent/unsupported, and reasoning is flawed or unclear   Some or no relevant course and topic links are made/5
Assignment StructureFormatted as per assignment details   Structure and format enhances delivery of the information   Clear language is used which leads to easy readability   Correct grammar and spelling is consistently used   No issues with APA using citations or references.Formatted as per assignment details in most components   Structure and format fits well with the delivery of the information   Mostly clear language is used  with minor readability issues   Few or no spelling and/or grammatical errors   Minor issues with APA citations or referencesFormatting has not been followed     Structure and format is unclear and impedes delivery of the information   Language used is often unclear which impedes readability   Many spelling and grammatical errors     Incorrect use of APA formatting for citations and references[1]/5
Part 1 Observations3 different Observation templates followed Observations chosen gain most knowledgeMinor errors in Observation templates. Different observation would have been more beneficial.  Many errors in template, and /or could have considered different observation templates./15
Part 2 Multiple Analysis and InterpretationDetailed analysis, and interpretation, ideas well presented, use of multiple referencesSome details left out in analysis or interpretationMany errors in analysis and lack of details in interpretation/15
Part 3 Parent teacher interviewDetailed explanations, thorough link and connections made.  Curriculum and skills strategies well developed and explainedMinor details missing, some connections not made, lacks some details in curriculum and skill strategies.Many details missing, lack of connections, and missing details in curriculum and skill strategies.  /15
Part 4: ReflectionKnowledgeable reflection, detailed explanation:   Knowledgeable, ideas well presented professionally for best personal practices   Clear detailed explanation of learning   Knowledgeable, detailed reflection on media usage in the learning environment. Connections, links easily explained , easy to follow examples used.Minor details missing, links or connections not always present   Expresses personal theories and knowledge, reflections   Understands and expresses an explanation of learned material from the observations   Reflects on media usage.More detail is required in most areas, lacks connections, links and or examples.   Not as easy to follow   Lack of knowledge is evident.            /15
Total Points   /75

[1] If there is evidence of missing citations or references, this could constitute plagiarism and will receive a grade of ‘0’. The regulations of academic dishonesty will apply.

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