This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:

  • CLR 3 – Interpret and reframe information gained from spoken messages in ways that show accurate analysis and comprehension.
  • CLR 7 – Select and use common, basic, information technology tools to support communication.

Objective of this Assignment: To evaluate good and bad presentations.


Speaking in front of others is part of everyday life, both personal and professional. The effectiveness of your public speaking depends on a variety of factors, such as body language, vocal energy, eye contact, visual aids, and organization. To help you identify successful and unsuccessful elements of oral presentations, this assignment requires you to view and assess the body language and speaking abilities of others and write a one-page, evaluative report. Being aware of what is and is not effective can help you improve your own public speaking. Detailed instructions are included in the assignment description.

  1. Watch the following video: The video presents the same person giving the same presentation twice.
  • Write a one-page report that compares and contrasts the first and second versions of the presentation.
  • Consider addressing the following elements in your report: Which presentation is more effective? Why? Do any of the following contribute to the presentations’ effectiveness?
    • Posture
  • Dress
  • Deportment
  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Word choice
  • Organization


  • Paragraph form
  • Double-spacing
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Complete sentences


Assignment Grading Rubric (5%)

CriteriaExcellentGoodRequires ImprovementPoints
 All information offered isMost information offered isSome or no accurate/2
 accurateaccurateinformation offered
 All views are clearlyMost views are clearly expressedViews are rarely or never clear 
Assignment Qualityexpressed and welland explainedand require further explanation 
explainedContains mainly original ideas,Many non-original ideas, or 
 Contains original ideas,connections or applicationsunclear connections or 
 connections or applications applications. 
 Clear, concise synthesis ofEvidence of some synthesis ofLack of evidence or weakness in/1
 course content tocourse content to demonstratethe synthesis of course content
 demonstrate understandingunderstanding of topicto demonstrate understanding 
 of topicSome unified and coherent ideasof topic 
 All ideas are clearlyare developed with effectiveDevelops and organizes ideas 
 developed, organizedtransitionsthat are not necessarily 
Assignment Knowledge andlogically, and connected with connected. Some ideas seem 
effective transitionsSupports most ideas withillogical and/or unrelated 
Skills Demonstration effective examples, and/or  
 Explores ideas, supportsreferences, and details, makesPresents ideas in general terms, 
 points fully using a balancekey distinctionsMost ideas are inconsistent/ 
 of evidence, Uses effective unsupported, and reasoning is 
 reasoning to make usefulMost relevant course and topicflawed or unclear 
 distinctionslinks are madeSome or no relevant courses and 
 All relevant course and topic topic links are made 
 links are made   


 Formatted as perFormatted as per assignmentFormatting has not been/2
 assignment detailsdetails in most componentsfollowed
 Structure and formatStructure and format fit wellStructure and format are unclear 
 enhances the delivery of thewith the delivery of theand impedes the delivery of the 
Assignment Structureinformationinformationinformation 
Clear language is used whichMostly clear language is usedLanguage used is often unclear 
 leads to easy readabilitywith minor readability issueswhich impedes readability 
 Correct grammar andFew or no spelling and/orMany spelling and grammatical 
 spelling is consistently usedgrammatical errorserrors 
Total Points   /5


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