Your final assignment is to create a master timeline for the geology of Oregon.  In this assignment, you will recall events and dates we have learned throughout the term and pair them with the Geologic Timescale to create a timeline of geological events for Oregon.  How you do this will be up to you, but you will need to submit some kind of document (.pdf or .jpeg or .docx file)that presents this timeline.   

This assignment can be drafted in many different ways.  For example, you could draft the timeline in, say, Adobe Illustrator.  OR, you could draw the timeline by hand and then carefully scan it or take a picture of it and submit the photo.

On this document, you should include:

-a general geologic timescale, showing the periods (e.g. Triassic, Jurassic, etc.) and the epochs of the Tertiary period (e.g. Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, etc.), as well as dates in millions of years when the transitions are (e.g. Oligocene/Miocene transition was at 23 Ma).

-Next to this timescale, indicate when, and the duration of, major events that we have discussed this term.  Be as specific or general as you need to be, but the listed events noted should include at least:

Deposition of rocks from the Blue Mountains

Deposition of rocks of the Oregon Klamath Mountains

Accretion of the Blue and Klamath mountain Terranes

Deposition of the Cretaceous sediments

Eruption/deposition/emplacement of Clarno rocks.

Eruption/deposition/emplacement of John Day rocks.

Eruption/deposition/emplacement of Western Cascades rocks.

Eruption of the Siletzia basalts

Accretion of the Siletzia Terrane.

Deposition of Coast Range sediments

Eruption of post-Siletzia Coast Range lavas

Eruption of the Columbia River Basalts

Eruption of High Lava Plains rocks

Extensional faulting of the Basin and Range in Oregon

Eruption of High Cascade rocks.

Last Ice Age and glacial maximum

Missoula Floods

Your timeline should be a graphic, not simply be a LIST.

You do not need to explain or describe the events on this document, but just show WHEN and FOR HOW LONG they occurred. 

You will be graded on:

-Is your timeline complete? (do you have all the events listed?)

-Does your timeline show the appropriate data in a way that is easy to read and comprehend?

-Is your final product neat and professional looking?

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