Overview: The ‘Addressing Global Health Challenges’ organization is running a competition to fund interventions that meaningfully engage with and address at least one of the 10 threats to global health in a specific context. The ‘Addressing Global Health Challenges’ organization will fund any scale or scope of the project as long as the proposed project aligns with the organization’s mandate (i.e., addresses at least one contemporary global health threat). According to their guidelines, each intervention will need to demonstrate how it is ‘locally’ driven and governed (i.e., not driven or governed by external stakeholders/organizations), sustainable (i.e., high likelihood of continuing beyond the funding cycle of four years), and prioritizes addressing health inequities (i.e., meaningfully engage with and include populations/groups/ communities with experiences of marginalization).

You will choose a specific global health threat (based on the 2019 WHO’s 10 greatest threats list) and develop a solution that addresses this threat within a specific geographical regional or country context (e.g., HIV in Lesotho, climate change in Kiribati, non-communicable diseases in urban Bangladesh, dengue in the southern Philippines, etc.).

First, please research and provide an overview of this global health challenge and propose a global health intervention to address this threat. Next, develop and propose an intervention to address this global health challenge that is locally-driven, sustainable, and prioritizes health inequities. In researching your assignment, do read the WHO’s statement on the 10 Global Health issues to track in 2021.

Assignment Format: Please submit a paper (~11 pages double spaced) please follow the American Psychological Association (APA) Style, 7th edition. For this as well as all other components of written assignments in this course, please upload Word documents and not .pdf files

You must submit a title page and a list of references (described below) as per APA Style, 7th edition. Citations may include references to course materials as well as researched journal articles and texts.

  • An overview of the global health problem, with an emphasis on the specific context within which your proposed intervention will operate
    • Please include relevant details about the country or region of interest, including political and economic realities that may affect the development and administration of the proposed intervention
    • Please include relevant indicators of the burden of this threat, such as measures of morbidity, mortality, economic cost, etc. as relevant
  • A succinct but detailed description of the global health intervention that answers the following questions:
    • Who are the proposed project partners?
    • How will you ensure the project is grounded in local priorities, is culturally safe, and incorporates ideas of decolonization in global health?
    • How will you ensure the project is sustainable?
    • What does the intervention look like? What are the major activities and sub-activities? How will it benefit or address the selected global health threat?
    • What are the expected outcomes?
    • What are the strengths of the approach?
    • What are the potential limitations and challenges of the approach?
  • A conclusion: Keep this succinct and do not present any additional information
  • References: Reference your sources in a standard manner using APA 7th edition formatting. Please aim for at least 10 references; ensure these show that you know how to seek out and use relevant literature.
  • You may use tables and/or graphs and/or figures if required. These are be included in the page limit.
  • Quality of presentation (formatting, clarity, spelling, grammar, etc.) are very important and will be considered in grading

Regardless of your assignment format, please include at least 10 reputable references (please prioritize academic or ‘official’ sources over general websites). Please note, references should be ones that have been published within the last ten years, if possible. References style should adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition.

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