Requirement: Part One

Step 1: Complete the textbook reading, slides, and videos for this week.

Step 2: Read the required article reading (Spain, HBR 2020: “Reinventing the Leader Selection Process”, then answer the following questions:

  1. What does this example of leader selection teach you about the importance of assessment for selection?
  2. What surprises you the most about how they develop leader selection measures in this example?
  3. How did the Army use different types of assessments to measure different types of skills and competencies?
  4. Which techniques used by the Army can be adopted to improve the selection process at the other workplace (using your own workplace as an example if you are currently working)?

Part Two:

After part one is completed, answer the 3 questions below, 5 sentences for each questions.

  1. Which selection methods and procedures discussed in this documentary stand out most to you (that is, they are what you would have not expected)?
  2. Identify one selection method or procedure used discussed in this case; describe what your thoughts are about its pros and cons.
  3. Discuss one idea about how some of the methods or procedures described in this case can be adopted to business settings to help improve selection effectiveness.


Please answer these questions in sequence. Write up your answers in a short paper (Microsoft Word document, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1-inch margin around, two pages long).

Evaluation criteria: 

  • Demonstrate original insight in the answer (6 pts)
  • Style (grammar, sentence structure) (3 pts)

This assignment is worth 15 points (3% of your course grade).

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