Assignment 3: Literature Review (no more than 20 pages excluding title and reference


You must provide an in-depth and comprehensive literature review related to your topic of

research study. This is a professional paper; it should be at least 15-20 pages in length (not

including the cover page or references), typewritten, with one-inch margins on all sides and in

APA style of writing. You need to at least use 20 articles as part of your literature review;

essentially, in your literature review, you’re seeking information about what’s known about your

topic and why is it worthy to be studied (e.g., do we not have enough information on the

topic/problem?). Please address the following issues in your literature review:

• What is the research problem and how does it relate to practice, policy, education or


• Conceptualization of the research topic including literature, census information if

applicable, policy and previous research studies in your literature review and theoretical


• Based on the conceptualization – what are the major concepts which set the parameters

for the research? A concept is a definition of the specific issue you will address in your

research. These must be linked to the conceptualization.

• Your literature review must end with the problem formulation, research questions and

hypotheses (in the case of quantitative research) or open questions (qualitative research).

You will use the research questions to guide the development of the research purpose and

objectives for assignment 2. Ultimately your research question will be answered through

your research.

• Provide a synthesis of the literature review.

1. It shows that you understand the most current and central issues related to the general topic of your study.

2. It points to how your study will be similar to or different from other studies

3. It describes how the results of your proposed study will contribute to the larger body

of knowledge

4. It introduces and conceptually defines all variables that will be examined throughout

the study.

• Review recent research findings on the topic.

• Note limitations of methods in addressing the complexities or nuances of the issue or

situation under study.

• Summarize both the strengths and limitations of previous studies.

Review various theses/dissertations, as they may help one to understand how to write and

summarize previous research. When writing the literature review, it is wise to separate the

various studies one finds into different categories. Under these categories, create “Level 2

subheadings” in APA style.

Theoretical Framework

This section will detail the theory that is guiding the proposed study. From this theory, the

researcher is able to inform the statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, the questions

and hypothesis, the choice of instruments, and methodology of the study. In this section, explain

the major tenants of the theory as well as how the theory relates to the proposed study.

Remember that the eventual findings of the experiment will be discussed in terms of how they

relate to the theory. It should be a brief explanation of the theory, as the details of particular

experiments will be discussed later in the Literature Review.

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