Assignment 3: Essay (3 hours – Reading: 1 hour; Writing: 2 hours)

The assignment focuses on reviewing data presented in the articles read thus far in Topic 4. Here you are able to apply your perception skills and will learn how to evaluate the accuracy of the data presented by the researchers with a critical mind so that you can reach concept unification. You are being asked to critique the accuracy of the data presented. You will need to read additional material to get familiar with the different ways journal studies are conducted. You will also discuss how the accuracy of the data presented in the study can impact results in clinical nutrition. You might have to research similar topics to come to your conclusion.

Review journal articles read thus far and answer the following two essay comprehension questions:

  1. Select an article and critique the accuracy of the data presented in the study. Your explanation should consist of about 300 words, double-spaced.

  • Discuss how this study’s data has impacted the results of the medical nutrition therapy. Describe how this study may impact future nutrition therapy or protocol because of the data presented. Your description should consist of 300 words, double-spaced.

Structure:  xx/15

Use of Evidence:  xx/30

Analysis:  xx/25

Logic of Argumentation:  xx/20

Requirements:  xx/10

Points Earned: xx/100

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