1. Find PV of $3000 deposit in year 1 and another $5,500 deposit at the end of year 5 using 9% interest rate. Investment is 6 years long.
  • Find PV of $750 annuity due payments at the beginning of the year for 9.5 years @ 8.5% annual interest.
  • Find PV of Perpetuity where PMT = $7000, Rates = 5%.
  • Find FV of $700 ordinary Annuity payment over 7 years @ 5% interest.
  • Looking to buy a car for $15,000 with 2% down payment. Dealer offers you a four years loan @ 6% APR. Find the monthly payment.
  • $2000 dollars now, grow to $25,000 in ten years. What APR are you getting?
  • Loan offered @ 6% APR with Quarterly compounding. Find the APY (Effective Rate).
  • You plan on buying a house for $550,000 with 20% down payment. The loan will be 30 years at 4.125% fixed interest rate. Build an amortization schedule.

Compute the payment and the end balance on the 35th Period.

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