Part 1

Read the following extract from an interview transcript, which is looking at the way care is organised in hospital wards by nurses.  Please analyse the transcript through the use of coding.  This can be done through a variety of ways, for example the use of a table, in-text comments, or colour coding. Please attach the coded transcript to demonstrate your workings. Further to your coding of the data write a brief analysis of your findings in the form of a report (word count 800 +/- 10%).  Your report should contain the following information:

Background/ Introduction

What is the context of this interview?

What information is the researcher aiming to find out?

Interview Technique

Please comment on the interviewer’s technique. You may want to consider:

  • Developing rapport
  • Impact of the interviewer’s presence – were statements were made in response to the researcher’s questions, or were they spontaneous.
  • Leading or open-ended questions
  • Following the topic guide
  • Any tangents – are they relevant to the topic?
  • Ethical considerations
  • Any other relevant points

Coding/ Themes

Identify main and sub-themes from this transcript (you can have one or more main themes) with justification in the form of examples.

Please comment on how the themes have contributed to an understanding of the research topic.

Assessment 2 Interview Transcript

D: Who helps you manage your diabetes care while you are in hospital?

S: The nurses on the ward. Usually. There is a diabetic nurse who came to see me at the beginning of the week. But that was for a fairly short period of time. Generally, the nurses and the students will supervise me.

D: Right. Do you do your own finger prick blood test yourself or do the nurses do it for you?

S: No, I do that myself.

D: And do you use your usual equipment that you have used at home?

S: No, they provide me with the equipment here, so I am using the hospital equipment at the moment.

D: Right, is the same sort of materials that you use or is it different?

S: They are about the same really, not that different.

D: So can you just talk me through a usual day since you have had, if there is a usual day, since you have had the operation? About how you manage your diabetes then and who helps you?

S: Before coming into hospital I was quite well informed about my diabetes, once I was diagnosed. I did meet with the specialist nurse in the community, and had some very good advice on that. So, I know enough about my condition and I seem to manage it quite well I think. So, I think the nurses on the ward appear to know that. And leave me very much to myself to manage my condition. But they are there if I need to ask any questions or have any queries. So that hasn’t been too much of a problem I think. I think the nurses feel, I think they feel, I am confident in managing my diabetes.

D: Has anybody sat down and talked to you about managing your diabetes while in hospital?

S: No, apart from when the diabetic nurse came down to see me at the beginning of the week. We spoke briefly about my condition and about my diet and so on. So, uh, she was the only person really.

D: So, I am thinking again about the point where you are get ready to go home. What sort of things do you think you are going to need to get you to the point where you can go home?

S: I think I need to be quite confident in standing up and moving about. I’ll be very concerned if I went home and I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t go to the toilet. That would really be very difficult for me. Particularly as I live in a flat, second floor flat in the city centre. And I am quite distant from the shops as well. So that sort of thing would worry me I think. So I would want, I would really like to know that I would be confident of managing these things when I go out. I know it is going to be difficult initially, when I am aware of that. But they are the sort of things that worries me at this moment in time.

D: Who would you talk to about those worries on this particular ward?

S: I think I would speak to the physiotherapist. She seems to aware of some of the problems that I am facing. I would be facing. I think I can also speak to the nurses on the ward if there is an issue. So when I meet the named nurse, when she comes in to see me or I can ask sister, when she comes in to see me. These are the some of issues I will discuss with them.

D: When do you think you might do that then?

S: I’ll like to do it as soon as possible really. Just in case there are any problems initially that needs addressing before I am discharged. So I am hoping that over the next couple of days if they’re not, if they haven’t come to see me, I will ask one of the students to inform the sister that I would like to speak to her.

D: Right, so you’ll use the students as a connector to the person you want to speak to?

S: Yes because they are there all the time. And they are very friendly, I can talk to them.

D: Do you think there might be any problems with that or would you imagine it will all be straight forward?

S: I don’t think it will be straight forward. So, I am anticipating some problems. But as long as I know the support is there if I have difficulties, if I have problems, there is someone I can contact. That would not be too bad. The problem would be for me if I am discharged and I find difficulty in getting access to people and to help and to advice.

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