As we close our discussions, one of the most important considerations is to assure our understanding and the successful management of our professional boundaries with clients. Legal, ethical, and professional expectations are specific in our profession, especially in the area of sexuality.

As we have explored this week, asexuality is more commonly becoming recognized as an alternative sexual orientation which is gaining expanded attention from professionals. Discuss your view of this orientation as a healthy sexual orientation and consider how you might respond to a client presenting concern for this sexual orientation.

As the professional, it is your responsibility and obligation to enforce a code of behavior which is within legal, ethical, and professional guidelines at all times. How should you respond when a client’s behavior is outside of such guidelines? At what point might you consider ending your professional relationship with such a client? Finally, please share your closing observations of your personal explorations during our course. Be sure to share your positive comments for your fellow learners as our discussion concludes this week.

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