Article Review

The purpose of article reviews is to bring the current application of business principles to the course.  There is much literature from which to select your articles; however all articles must come from recognized publications, or Internet websites. You may also use the Wall Street Journal, and other publications such as Business Week, Inc., Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.  No Blogs

A 2-page report (cover page and reference page not included in the count), double spaced 12-font paper discussing the article as it relates to the weekly readings, as well as the student’s analysis will be submitted to me each week. APA format is required.  

The summary is to have two distinct parts, and should follow the following format:


1st part Article Summary

Briefly summarize the article focusing on the main topics.  This section highlights main ideas in the article; opinions are not given here. 

The first paragraph is what the article is about so a summary.

2nd part Relevance to the Material

The second part is how it relates to the chapter.

State how the article relates to the materials covered that week.  State the specific concept(s) and the specific chapter to which your article relates. You may state your opinions here, but it is not necessary.

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