Background: During the Art of Command (Military Leadership) block, we’ve applied organizational development concepts and examined eight specific aspects of organizational leadership associated with the commander’s role in unified land operations. These included military genius, complexity, adaptive leadership, commander’s visualization, decision making, leading multinational operations, ethics in war, and morally courageous followers. Effective organizational leaders understand how commanders exercise the elements of command, view problems, make decisions, and manage risk in complex environments, all to accomplish the mission while improving the organization. The select leadership case studies and various application exercises in the Advanced Operations Course (AOC) enabled us to gain a better appreciation for the organizational leadership challenges commanders face while conducting large scale combat operations.

Requirement: Analyze and explain how multiple (four minimum) commanders applied the art of command while executing large scale combat operations using evidence from the “The Eighth Army Fights Back” case study. In the essay, discuss four of the eight concepts discussed above to support the argument.

We don’t need many sources as the Case Study provides the majority of the information, and we just have to discuss how the commander’s applied 4 of the 8 concepts.

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