You are a child therapist working on a Native American reservation. You are currently working with a single mother and her four children. She is traditional and working with a medicine man; however, they are mandated to see you due to CPS concerns and a recent report that she left marks on her oldest son (9) while disciplining him at home. You have been working with the family for 7 months and have established a trusting and open relationship; they trust you, and during a recent session, the mother brings you handmade gifts. Even though you feel conflicted, you accept the gifts, expressing your gratitude (as you know, they are on a very limited income). You use this as an opportunity to discuss her cultural beliefs that dictate she shows appreciation for your efforts to help. You try to explain the limitations of gifting from your professional perspective. Meanwhile, you are working closely with the family’s medicine man, who is open to your work and providing traditional care to the family. One day after a particularly difficult session, the mother invites you to a traditional ceremony that will be performed for the youngest son. You are not sure how to respond. You are feeling conflicted. Use the model to decide how you respond to this invitation and clearly describe how you navigate this ethical decision through the lens of a culturally sensitive marriage and family therapist.

Apply Kitchener’s model of ethical decision-making. Make sure you are including and referencing the AAMFT Code of Ethics and the following:

Identify the ethical dilemma.
Apply the Foundational Principles of Ethical Decision Making.
What decision(s) need(s) to be made, and why would it be considered an ethical decision? What additional information might you want about the ceremony to help you make this decision?
Explain the process of this model and how you will utilize it.
Apply each principle to what you identify as possible ethical dilemmas in this case study.
Make a decision based on the process of this model. Defend this decision using critical thinking skills.
What are some of the risks or benefits of deciding to attend the ceremony? Of deciding not to attend?
What are the boundaries of the MFT-client relationship?
What other approaches might be ethical in this scenario and why? For example, can you make an argument for a decision other than the one you made above.

Incorporate your course literature to support your answers.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title or reference pages.

References: Use at least 3-5 references from this week as well as 2 other references from your previous week’s assignments.

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