These 1-2 page, typed, double-spaced, discussion assignments are short reaction papers.. These will apply a critical turn or certain key concepts from our readings to a contemporary news article (see example selections below, under readings). Do not attempt to summarize the whole of a reading in your application paper. A targeted, particular analysis is sought, where one demonstrates whether or how a reading adds some depth to the news article or show how the article supports the class reading.

So, the application paper is a paper where you select an idea, critical take, concept, etc. that you find of interest to our reading and show how it is relevant to contemporary social issues (via a news article/discussion – cases or examples are given in links after the readings to consider). The key is you show how an aspect of our reading (even if you are critical of it) proved revealing/insightful when grappling with current events. In the application papers we are testing the value/worth of certain theories or conceptual thinking.

1) READING: Kant – An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?

– A commitment to free thinking, civil freedom of speech and occupation, and free debate, arts, sciences, are seen as progressive forces of human development. Liberal, individual rights are developed in relation to state and religious authority, so then a justification for state protection of rights (and limits to state authority/intervention), and yet also Kant’s stance on legal enforcement/ “obedience”.

– APPLICATION(Choose Any): Modern Applications – Harper’s open letter on cancel culture– ;

Counter Points – OR

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