In order to complete this assignment, download the Excel file named as DATA for Application Assignment-1 from your course page in Application Assignment-1 object. There are four parts in this assignment and you will use this Excel file to answer the questions in the first three parts. Please note that there are multiple data tabs in the Excel file. Any graphs in Excel should be cut and paste on this Word document. You will turn in a single Word document, not an Excel file. Remember to title all your graphs, label the axes and use a reasonable scale. All numerical answers should be rounded to 2 digits.

Part 1: Data Exploration (9 points)

            •            Categorize each of the following variables from the attached Excel SAMPLE data file as Quantitative (Discrete or Continuous) or Qualitative (Nominal or Ordinal).  Place an X in the correct cell of the following table.  A variable can ONLY be Quantitative OR Qualitative NOT both.








Male Height

Male Weight

Female Height

Female Weight

Birth Country

Education Level

Female Pulse

Male Pulse

            •           Choose one Quantitative variable from above and use the data in the Excel file for that variable to provide its descriptive statistics.  If you use Excel to get the descriptive statistics, you can simply cut the output chart from Excel and paste it here. If you use your calculator (1-Var Stats), be sure to report all the descriptive stats from your calculator screen using the correct symbols.

            •           Use the same quantitative variable that you have chosen in the previous question.  Find the 60th percentile and the 35th percentile of this data set for that variable. Interpret what the 60th percentile and 35th percentile mean. Note: This is sample data.

Part 2:   Graphing (8 points)

Answer the following questions for Part 2 using Excel Analysis Tool Pack.

For the quantitative variable chosen in Part 1 above, use the sample data set for that variable to answer the following questions. 

            •            Construct a frequency distribution, with 5 -7 bins, for the variable data set you chose.  Copy and paste your distribution table here.

            •            Construct a histogram based on this frequency distribution above. Copy and paste your histogram here.

Describe the shape of the histogram and justify your answer. (Unimodal, bimodal, skewed, or approximately symmetric)

            •           Choose one of the qualitative variables from Part 1.  Using Excel, insert a Bar Graph for the data for this variable.  Make sure the percentages or frequencies show on each bar.  Copy and paste your graph here.

            •           Based on the Bar Graph constructed in part c above, give a summary of what the data reveals.

Part 3:   Box plot Analysis (10 points)

Choose one of the following PAIRS of variables in the Excel file:

            •           Male Height and Male Weight,

            •           Female Height and Female Weight,

            •           Male Height and Female Height,

            •           Male Weight and Female Weight

            •           Female Pulse and Male Pulse

Highlight your selection. You will work with that pair of variables and the associated data in this part.

You can use Excel or TI-84 calculator to find the numeric answers.  

            •           List the 5-number summary for each data set (For the variables in your chosen pair). Include the variable names in the column titles below.


Variable 2:



Median (Q2)



            •           Identify any outliers for each data set using the interquartile range method. Show your calculation. Include the variable names in the column titles below.




Lower Outlier Boundary

Upper Outlier Boundary


            •            Construct a comparative box plot for the pair of variables chosen above.

Describe the shape of each boxplot.

            •           Explain whether Empirical Rule can be used to describe the chosen data sets in Part 3a. Justify your response with a thorough explanation.  Hint: Do either have outliers and/or extreme skewness?

Part 4: Reflection (3 points)

In the past a few weeks, you have learned basic definitions of statistics, sampling types, methods to collect data, different types of statistical graphs, how to make and interpret them properly as well as misleading graphical representations. You have also learned about numerical summaries of data and how they can be used to analyze the data set. In a meaningful paragraph or two, discuss which of the topics you have learned so far struck you the most in a pleasant way and which one seemed to be the most useful in your (current or future) job field.

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