The annotated bibliography represents the research for your final paper. Therefore, the topic of your annotated bib and final paper must be identical, and the sources in your annotated bib must be cited in your final paper. The basic format for the annotated bib includes a brief introduction of the issue or topic being investigated. The introduction must spell out the topic of the paper and the technique/method (critical, persuasive, or comparative) that will be used in the paper.  

Number of Sources

At least, seven (7) sources, which may be a combination of books, documentaries, and peer-reviewed articles, must be used. Following the introduction, these sources must each be annotated/summarized.

Academic Authority of Sources

Wikipedia or random Internet sources, except those with .edu and .gov domains, are NOT acceptable sources for academic assignments in this course. Only peer-reviewed journal articles, books, feature films and documentaries and university (.edu) and government (.gov) websites are acceptable. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

Reference List

Each annotation must begin with the source referenced in APA (7th edition). See links to APA guides posted on course content for further help.


Each annotation must be succinct but substantial (at least 150 words per source), summarizing the arguments presented in each source, while focusing on the relationship between stated problems or claims and the evidence provided in support of conclusions/theses. Finally, the annotation needs to stipulate how each source has informed the student’s view of the subject and how that source will be useful in the student’s research project. The summary or description of a source should not be opinion-drive, but rather a summation of the source’s claims. Summaries must be substantial, and descriptions must not be drawn simply from the title or abstract of the

source. Instead, these descriptions/summaries must reflect familiarity with the content and general arguments presented in each source.


Length: Annotation of each source must be at least 150 words.

File Format (you need to attach your files to the Dropbox): Doc, Docx, or PDF. Google doc file or link is NOT accepted. 

Font Size: 12

Font Styles Recommended: Times New Roman, Courier, Calibri, and Cambria

Notes: You must use credible sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles, published books, university websites (.edu), and government (.gov).

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