HI530-1: Analyze the impact of healthcare terminologies, vocabularies, and ontologies on the healthcare continuum.

You are an EHR Business Analyst for a large hospital system conducting a root cause analysis of an interoperability issue. You are also asked to create an EHR development plan to ensure smooth interoperability. The organization would also like for you to focus on using SNOMED-CT and LOINC within the EHR development plan.


Using the knowledge gained from Units 1 and 2 reading, write-up an analysis and create a plan that applies the appropriate healthcare terminologies, vocabularies, and ontologies for a health information system used in a hospital setting. Discuss metadata and primary and secondary uses of data.


  • Write a 4–5 page analysis and plan that includes the below information:

o Definitions of appropriate healthcare terminologies, vocabularies, and ontologies

o Explanation of how each healthcare terminology, vocabulary, and ontology should be utilized

o Explanation of how future interoperability issues can be avoided

o Explanation on metadata and primary and secondary uses of data

  • Your development plan should include
    • Purpose
    • Content and organizational structure
    • Processes for maintenance and quality
    • Relationships with other terminologies and code sets

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