Critically analyze a criminal justice-related film of your choice by applying at least 10 law-related concepts or cases that you have learned in this course to the various scenarios in the film. The assignment should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman, and should include the following:

    Application of at least 10 law-related concepts and/or landmark cases learned in class.

    A brief description of the scenes to which you apply the concepts/cases explaining why they are applicable. Please make sure to explain the concepts in your own words and then apply them to the film.

    Write the name of the concept in bold and the complete citation of the case in italics.

    Please make sure to explain the concepts or the holding of the cases in your own words and cite the sources.

    E.g. If you apply the concept of double jeopardy, write the term in bold, explain it in your own words, and cite your textbook as the source from where you got it. If you use a case, write the complete citation in the text of your paper.

E.g. Whitley v. Albers, 475 U.S. 312 (1986). Next, apply the concept to a particular scene in the film. Please do not write the plot of the film, just the particular scenario to which the concept applies. Explain how it applies. Please do not use internet sources.

    While your paper must have a scholarly tone (e.g. using appropriate grammar and a college-level vocabulary, not using contractions or the first or second person), it should consist mainly of your own original ideas and thoughts, as to how the concepts or cases are applicable.

    Make sure to break the paper into paragraphs.

    Use the APA style if you include references.

    The assignment is due at 11:59 p.m. on November 28, 2021. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your assignment. Submit your assignment as a doc or Docx file not as pages, etc. It is your duty to make sure that your assignment is loaded properly. Make sure to check for plagiarism by viewing the originality report through SafeAssign. The assignment is set up to automatically go through SafeAssign. So, once you submit your assignment, click on SafeAssign on the right-hand side of your document and view the originality report. The originality report should contain less than 10% matching. Otherwise, it will not be graded. Please see the Writing Assignment Rubric below.

Assignments with more than 10% matching will not be graded and will be assigned a “zero.”





Content & Development

25 pts


– Content is incomplete. – Major points are not clear and /or persuasive.


– Content is not comprehensive and /or persuasive. – Major points are addressed, but not well supported. – Research is inadequate or does not address course concepts. – Content is inconsistent with regard to purpose and clarity of thought.


– Content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive. – Major points are stated clearly and are well supported with examples from the film. – Research is adequate, and addresses course concepts which are highlighted in bold. – Content and purpose of the writing are clear.

Organization & Structure

10 pts


– Organization and structure detract from the message of the writer. – Paragraph is disjointed and lack transition of thoughts.


– The structure of the paragraph is not easy to follow. – Paragraph transitions need improvement.


– Structure of the paragraph is clear and easy to follow. Each paragraph focuses on one concept or theory that is applied to the film.


5 pts


– Paper lacks many elements of correct formatting. – Paragraph is inadequate/excessive in length.


– Paper follows most guidelines. – Paper is over/ under word length. – Articles not cited properly as per the APA style.


– Paper follows designated guidelines. – Paper is the appropriate length as described for the assignment. Articles cited properly in the APA style.

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

10 pts


– Paper contains numerous grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. – Language uses jargon or conversational tone; use of contractions and first person.


– Paper contains few grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. – Language lacks clarity or includes the use of some jargon or conversational tone, use of contractions and first person.


– Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct. – Language is clear and precise; sentences display consistently strong, varied structure.

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