As the head of a governmental agency, you have decided that it is important that staff understand basic administrative law concepts in order to avoid major errors in decision making. This is especially important given the number of times the agency has been taken to court recently regarding administrative law issues. In an effort to
forestall further litigation, you are compiling a manual to provide guidance and context. The manual should include an overview of the main administrative law concepts and how these concepts are dealt with / used by the courts. In order to assist the staff, you will also refer to the relevant case law. Your introductory section should include a discussion of procedural fairness and how administrative law principles are relevant to democratic practice.

General Instructions: This exam has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to critically reflect upon the course content and summarize the main concepts presented in this
course. The assignment is intended to also encourage learners to develop research skills that are necessary in this field. To maximize opportunities for learning, please review the content throughout the course and consider adding additional resources. There is flexibility with regard to the format. Case law should be cited by providing the full name of the case in the body of your answer.
Some concepts you can address: What is discretion? Include in your answer a discussion of how courts assess discretionary decisions. 2.) What is credibility? Include in your answer how to assess credibility. 3.) What is bias? Include in your answer how bias is determined. 4.) What is the extent of the duty to give reasons?

The manual should be 2200-2500 words max.

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