Read the following scenarios. Decide which (if any) situations reflect appropriate techniques of setting up for art activities as discussed in Chapter 12. 

1-)Dory and Sammy have been building robots in the block area, so the teacher adds boxes, foil, wire, and a bucket of old radio parts to the area (all of the materials are safe for 4-year-olds). Dory and Sammy use these materials to make big robots with moving parts.

2-)Now that the weather is nice and the sand table outside can be used, the adults have closed the inside sand table because the children had to walk through the art area to reach it.
3-)After a trip to the grocery store, the teachers have added empty food cartons to the paste and construction area.

4-)The teacher concludes that the children are not using the clay modeling area enough. She replaces it with another computer station.
Questions: Be sure to address all four scenarios.

1- Which of the above reflects appropriate techniques for setting up for art activities? Why?

2- Which of the above does (do) not reflect appropriate techniques for setting up art activities? Why?

3-How would you change this (these) situation(s) to make it (them) more appropriate?

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