Select an ad campaign case:

+ Ad series, branding, PR, IMC, etc. Doesn’t matter

+ Choose campaign examples, not individual ads

– Ad campaign case analysis

> Analytical and systematic arrangement of the planning contents of the selected advertising campaign

> Background of the advertisement: situation analysis, advertisement (communication) goals

 > Target, concept, strategy, budget (if available)

> Communication Strategies (Comprehensive): What are your goals in the area of communication?

 > Creative Strategies (detailed/specific): Meaningful and differentiating creative ways to achieve advertising goals under the communication strategy.

> Media Strategy: Media Goals, Media Strategy, Media Mix, Media Execution Schedule

* At this time, be sure to mention the characteristics of the media in which the campaign was successful and what were the advantages/disadvantages of using this media.

> Digital Advertising Strategy: What type of advertising (Website homepage advertisement, search engine advertisement, online advertisement, blog advertisement, video platform advertisement, social media advertisement, etc.) are used? And why did advertisers use it?

– Critical consideration/discussion through analysis and suggestions for improvement

> Is the goal clear?

> Is the user target clear?

> Have technical and creative measures been applied to attract users’ attention on the digital advertising platform?

> Have digital media been used to optimize advertising messages?

> Is media planning done to maximize the advertising effect? If not, what do you think is the reason? How do you think it will be effective to improve?

*  Similarly, evaluate the reasons for the success (or failure) of media planning in consideration of the characteristics (characteristics) of the media.

> What if you could propose a new direction to improve the media planning of the campaign in consideration of digital platforms, technologies using artificial intelligence, and consumer (recipient) analysis and targeting using big data?

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