Trends and Issues in ECE Paper #2: Write an Action Response Paper after you research a topic of interest in current trends and issues of ECE. Read widely about child development; then select 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles to read deeply. Evaluate and summarize what you have read in an action response paper. Include the implications for the developing child. Cite your sources in a reference page, using APA format for bibliographic citation. The minimum length of the paper should be 3 double spaced typed pages. Use higher level thinking (analysis, synthesis & evaluation) in your writing. Demonstrate evidence of peer review and editing.  Note: This assignment is not the same as an article review.

Things to note about this assignment:

  1. The examples in Week 11 are there as a reference to guide you in the right direction for this assignment.  Please look at them.
  2. Chose only ONE topic to write about…any trend or issue or topic of interest in ECE.
  3. Decide on a stance on this topic.  Do you agree with it? Do you disagree?
  4. Here is the tricky part.  Research papers are not a personal narrative.  Your paper should not be written from the “I” perspective.  Write in the 3rd person. 
  5. Read up on this topic.  Find information from a scholarly article or book that support your views on this topic.
  6. Scholarly Resources
    1. Database articles
    1. Professional journals
    1. Published research
    1. Professional websites- Teaching Channel, Education World, NAEYC
  7. Not scholarly resources
    1. Wikipedia
    1. Blogs
    1. Facebook posts
  1. You will need to cite any information you take from a resource.  This is done by inserting a citation at the end of the sentence that included information from a resource.  The citation includes the author’s last name and the date it was published.  For example:  Development is the process by which humans change as they grow older (Trawick-Smith, 2014).
  2. The words “In this article,” should not appear in your paper.  The intent of a research paper is to take a stance on a topic and prove it with information you gather from scholarly articles.
  3. APA style of paper writing is very particular.  You will need a separate title page and reference page, always double-spaced.  (See the examples.)
  4. All information you take from another source needs to be cited within your paper (see #6) and included on the reference page (in greater detail.)  See the examples.  That information should be paraphrased and cited.  Direct quotes and must be in quotation marks and cited. Direct quotes should make up less that 10% of your paper.
  5. Edit, edit, edit.  This is a college course.  Write like you are a college student.  Re-read your work.  Have a peer re-read your work.  If needed, please take advantage of the Writing Center available to you by the University.  If you need extra time to take advantage of this source, please let me know.

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