Milestone target date Accounting and Finance Project milestones
 Introduction to define the topic through a summary of the general focus / motivation of project that should demonstrate a coherent finance or accounting based approach to the chosen topic. The research question to be investigated should also be clearly explained in this section. [approximately 500 words]
 Theoretical and Contextual Literature Review of 10+ sources to support the specific theoretical framework, identification of associated studies and methodological approach to be taken to answer your research question(s). These should be discussed in terms of a critical summary / discussion of previous literature. Only use academically credible studies e.g. journal articles, research-led books, working papers, government/NGO reports etc. [approximately 1000 words]
 Methodology to develop the method and data to be used in your analysis and should address issues such as: what methods are appropriate to answering  your research question(s)? What data / variables will you use? Where is it from? How will you analyse it?
 In particular, this should include the justification of the empirical techniques that you intend to undertake through outlining their advantages / how they will resolve your research question(s), this should come from the previous chapter on Theoretical and Contextual Literature Review. [approximately 500 words]
 Data analysis / results where the specifics will differ for each of you in relation to the type of project you are undertaking and how confident you are on data analysis, but the emphasis of this is to show the analytical process that you decide to follow.
 Please note that this MUST be based on secondary data and NOT primary data given the time constraint and ethical issues.
 This could range from simple building blocks of tables/graphs and descriptive statistics through to measures of association through multiple regression. [approximately 1500 words]
    To perform statistical analysis you will need to use at least SPSS
 •  Graphical representation of data: Line graphs to show trends X-Y graphs to show relationship between the two variables Disaggregate the data into key periods and compare / contrast across these different time periods
 Descriptive statistics: o Produce descriptive statistics (i.e. mean, minimum, maximum and standard deviation) of variables across the whole sample or in the disaggregated periods for comparison if appropriate
   •Measures of association: Correlation shows the association between a pair of variables in terms of whether it is positive or negative on a scale from -1 to +1 Simple regression again shows the association between a pair of variables Multiple regression shows the association between the dependent variable and a range of independent variables
 Conclusion to summarise your key findings, discussion of ways to improve your research. [approximately 500 words]

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