A written analysis and presentation that includes the following elements:
(1) Background of the policy issue, including a brief history & status of the issue prior to the ACA.
(2) Analysis of how the issue was addressed by the ACA in 2010.
• What specific changes did the ACA implement with respect to this issue?
• What has been the impact of these changes on the health care system?
• What were the ideological, political & economic factors that influenced the ACA policy on this issue?
(3) Analysis of the Republican Party position on the issue:
• What has been the position of Republicans in Congress on this issue?
• What are the ideological, political & economic factors that influence the Republican position?

(4) Analysis of stakeholder perspectives on this issue:
• What has been the position of the major health care stakeholders on this issue?
(Please discuss at least three of the following stake holders: hospitals, insurers, physicians, large employers, patient advocacy organizations (e.g., AARP, ACS, AHA))
• What are the ideological, political & economic factors that influence the stakeholders’ positions?

(5) Analysis of your team’s position on the issue:
• Explain whether you support how the ACA addressed the issue and why?
• Explain whether you support the Republican position on the issue and why?
• Explain whether you support another way to address the issue and why?
Please support your position with substantive analysis and relevant data. Also please address the views of the stakeholders that you have selected in your analysis of your team’s position.
The written analysis should not exceed ten, double spaced, 12-point font, 1” margin, pages. You must include a reference list and in-text citations for the sources you use in preparing the analysis. The reference list is not counted toward the number of pages. A minimum of five references must be utilized. Assigned course references may be utilized but will not be considered in meeting the five-reference requirement.

One reference to use would be: McDonough, J. (2011). Inside National Health Reform: University of California Press, ISBN 9780520274525 (paperback)

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