1.      How are K-12 schools or Institutions of Higher Education handling emotional intelligence?

Who is teaching EI? When? how? ( If EI is not evident base your submission on how situations are being handled in this Covid era.)

2.      Following the answer provided in the previous question, write a 2-to-4-page summary of the impact of Emotional Intelligence during the Covid Era of the last 2 years on schooling and education (Select K-12 or Higher Ed.).

3.      Any key principles identified and

4.      Whether you agree or disagree with the strategy you have identified as a solution.

Rubric for Emotional Intelligence Assignment

–Accurately describes the impact of EI in education/schooling                            up to 25 points

–Examples of use include 1-4 above                                                                   up to 25 points

–Summary includes major themes                                                                                up to 15 points

–Exhibits graduate level writing/APA and organization                                       up to 10 points

–Total                                                                                                                     up to 75 points

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