As security practitioners, we should stay abreast of the moving parts in an organizations’ processes to ensure the appropriate security measures are in place. Modern aviation accompanies modern supply chain as well as risk to the design (software, hardware, and processes), manufacturing, and operational sustainment.

Consider the criticality of ERAM to the aviation industry. Threats such as untrained personnel, application misconfiguration, attack vectors, etc. create a significant risk for the sector and heighten concerns for customers’ safety. Organization place a high level of trust in e-Enabled supply chain vendors as well as the cloud service providers. Contextualize the cybersecurity risks associated with e-Enabled supply chain as they relate to the people, process, and technology within the aviation’s business processes.

Discuss how security personnel can ensure suppliers are in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations for their industry and present examples of data standards to safeguard e-Enabled supply chain data. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Address how security managers can ensure that suppliers implement a security lifecycle for the negotiated product (or service) and are performing as promised.

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