In this exercise, you will survey your first text: Joshua 5:1-15 Exercise 1Download Exercise 1. Using the worksheet provided, digitally mark up the text using Microsoft Word with your specific notes and follow the text with any notes that deal with the passage as a whole. Use as much space as you need.

First, read the text at a normal reading pace. If helpful, also read it aloud. Then, go back and read it twice more slowly and carefully.

Compare the provided translation with two or three others. Do you see any material differences?

Do any particular nuances surface as you compare versions?

Note them for possible follow-up later.

As you survey the text and think about its context, what observations and questions come to mind?

What do you see initially or want to ask the text about concerning:

The historical, cultural, social, or geographical setting?

Where is the passage located in the biblical book?

Connections to other parts of the Bible?

Connections to extrabiblical history, culture, traditions, or geography?

The structure of the text?

And any other features of the passage that you notice as important?

Look at the text as a whole: What is the topic?

What does the passage seem to say about that topic, or what perspective does it offer?

What theological issues does it appear to raise?

Mark up the text with your observations, questions, and notes. These will preliminarily suggest some of the resources you will need and directions you will take as you explore the text further in the exegetical process. Use as much space as you need.

(Note: Do not spend time at this point trying to work out applications of this text. Focus on the passage in its own context for now. Applying the text in today’s context will come later, after more work is done.)

If you like, see a sample markup download sample markup on Mark 11:15-19 for a general idea. Yours may look very different, but the sample will let you see some of the tools in use.

Suggested  Resources: Not all resources are used

Joshua and General OT

Butler, T. C. (2014). Joshua (Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 7a-b). Zondervan.

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Goldingay, J. (2015). An introduction to the Old Testament: Exploring text, approaches & issues. IVP Academic. (eBook)

Hamilton, V. P. (2001). Handbook on the historical books: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther. Baker Academic.

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Powell, M. A. (Ed.). (2011). HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (3rd rev. ed.). HarperOne. Not an LETU resource, but available under the “Tools” tab at https://www.bibleodyssey.orgLinks to an external site.

Wenham, G. J. (2002). Exploring the Old Testament (Exploring the Bible Series, vols. 1-3). InterVarsity Press.

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