You have probably not heard of the Saga of Hervör sometimes called the saga of Heiðrek who was the son of Hervör. Hervör changed her name to Hervard as you will see below. This version was translated by J.R.R. Tolkein´s son Christopher in 1960. But the original version comes from the 13th century and is from the sagas known as the Heroic legends. This saga is not well known but focuses on the interesting character of Hervör.

Read through the passage below and write a short paper of no more than 2 pages addressing the two following issues: 

  1. Who is Hervör? Describe her character.

2. What do you think of her? discuss and think about how she fits into the Birka burial or other readings and lectures we have done, does the fact that we now have archeological and literary evidence confirm the existence of shieldmaidens? What does Hervör suggest about the position of women in Norse society.

You may consult other sources, but if you do, you must provide proper citations and a

reference list, even if the sources are course readings and notes. You may cite web pages as sources, if you do so properly (taking care to use only reputable web sites posted by scholars, not re-enactors, etc.).

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