1. Describe and discuss Pavlov’s preparation (experimental apparatus), theoretical paradigm and 5 basic classical conditioning learning phenomena.
  • Discuss classical conditioning as it applies to physiological systems and provide two specific examples of research (i.e., conditioned immunosuppression, Siegel’s work)
  • Describe and discuss three current theoretical developments in classical conditioning (e.g., blocking, overshadowing, compound conditioning, sensory preconditioning, context conditioning, CS pre-exposure effect etc.).
  • Describe and discuss the following theoretical explanations of reinforcement: 

Thorndike, Skinner, Hull, Premack, ESB, and Bandura.

  • Discuss biological constraints or influences on instrumental learning including a discussion of autoshaping, automaintenance, and instinctual drift.
  • Discuss the parameters of punishment and support your answer with research examples.
  • Discuss avoidance conditioning, both the procedures involved and the theoretical explanations.
  • Give two examples of how conditioning principles can be applied to treat psychological disorders (i.e., PTSD, phobias, eating disorders, autoimmune disorders, asthma etc.).

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