Task: 6000 word research pilot paper 

How you plan to conduct a pilot study relating to your specific research project

The Future of Healthcare Systems: Exploring the Role of Innovation and Disruptive Technologies in Improving Healthcare Quality

Suggested Content:

Introduction:                                                                                                                                       10%

What is a pilot study and why should you pilot your research?

Provide a clear statement of either your research question and sub-questions, general aim and specific objectives to be achieved, hypothetical propositions to be explored or hypotheses to be tested (depending on your research approach) that will guide the content below

Selection Criteria 


In relation to your specific research project, explain and present a rationalisation for your participant selection criteria and develop the options and reasons for your choice of research instrument(s)

The focus here is on providing a rationale for who you will gather the information from, why have you chosen the participants and the means through which you will gather the information

Research Instrument Prototype                                                                                                       


In line with your research instrument choices, create an initial survey, questionnaire, interview questions, etc. (whichever is appropriate), to demonstrate how this will assist you in answering your research questions and deliver your stated objectives

Proposed Data Analysis Techniques:                                                                                             


Depending on what you have developed above, develop how you are thinking of analysing the data once you have gathered it

For example, in quantitative research, descriptive, in qualitative research content, narrative or discourse analysis and a rationale for choice

Conclusion:                                                                                                                                         10%

Bring the work together to demonstrates the logic of your approach

Presentation:                                                                                                                                      10%

Contents page, academic writing style, correct and consistent referencing, clear sub-headings and includes graphs, infographics and other

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