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Writing Memos: Important Tips

A memo communicates specific information to a particular audience. Before writing a memo, it is important to clarify in your mind both the purpose and audience of the memo. Why am I writing this memo? Memos typically have two purposes. Some memos simply communicate organizationally important information. Other memos communicate information in order to trigger […]

Module 7 Assignment: MSN Project Manuscript Completion: Executive Summary & Section VI Guidelines and Rubric

Purpose As a master’s-prepared advance practice nurse you will have many opportunities to lead evidence-based change in practice. The deliverable at the end of this program is a completed evidence-based practice quality improvement project prepared for dissemination. In this assessment, students will begin the dissemination process through the scholarly writing of their MSN project manuscript […]

Arthur Levitt’s full speech, “The Numbers Game,”

Course: FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS (RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT) The report should be around 2-3 pages. Note that the contents page, list of references and any report appendices are not included in the page count. EARNINGS MANAGEMENT The propensity of managers to bolster/manage earnings by exploiting the flexibility in GAAP or by resorting to financial fraud led former […]

Homework Assignment 3

Chapter 7 through Chapter 9 & Readings by Alderman, Hawley,  and Reese Answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words each. Try to be as distinct and clear as possible while also providing enough detail for your answers. Q1: Explain Marx’s theory of historical materialism. What is the relationship between culture and the economy […]

Assignment: Case Study – Boeing B787 Project: A Deeper Look From a PM Lens

Boeing B787 Project: A Deeper Look From a PM Lens In addition to the Readings and Resources materials for Module 3, review the following concerning the Project Management Iron Triangle. Then read the Boeing B787 Project failure background and assignment instructions below: Background: With a workforce of more than 161,000 people and a net worth […]