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Writing Memos: Important Tips

A memo communicates specific information to a particular audience. Before writing a memo, it is important to clarify in your mind both the purpose and audience of the memo. Why am I writing this memo? Memos typically have two purposes. Some memos simply communicate organizationally important information. Other memos communicate information in order to trigger […]

Measuring success

Measuring Success Select and submit 2 appropriate templates and Power Point layout screens. Suggested sites include but are not limited to: ·;·· Submit the approximate cost of your proposal/services. Take into consideration your time, materials, resources, travel, etc. For salary information: You will respond in essay form following APA format. You […]

Module 7 assignment: The Anthropocene (Track 1)

Instructions:In 2002, Noble Laureate Paul Crutzen wrote in the journal Nature:“For the past three centuries, the effects of humans on the global environment have escalated.Because of these anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide, global climate may departsignificantly from natural behaviour for many millennia to come. It seems appropriate to assignthe term ‘Anthropocene’ to the present, in […]

Organizing Framework and Program Outcomes Guidelines

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to (a) develop concepts included in an organizing framework for an institution, (b) discuss the relationship between the concepts, (c) develop program outcomes, and (d) demonstrate skills in the development and articulation of ideas in a scholarly manner. Total Points Possible: 230 Requirements Assignment Criteria for the Paper […]